Monday, January 27, 2020

Political Correctness And Sex: Two Stories

     I haven’t been feeling well these past few days, and it’s put a crimp into my emissions here. However, one thing that’s guaranteed to rev my engines is a good dose of old fashioned outrage – and two stories that elicit that emotion are on my desk this morning.

     The first is about a Marine veteran who’s being abused by Columbia University and is fighting back:

     [Ben] Feibleman knew her a little from orientation, but they had never hung out. On this night, he seemed to hit the jackpot of hookups. At the reception, the complaint says, they sat on the floor and she asked him to put his head in her lap. She later sneaked kisses when her friends weren’t looking. She poured beer down his throat during a drinking game. Then she asked him to walk with her to the roof, where she climbed atop the water tower and beckoned him. She took off her top while he unclasped her bra. He sucked on her breasts. She called him a “pussy” for being afraid when they climbed the tower in the dark and when he wouldn’t go near the edge like she did.

     He watched as she did a perfect backward roll off the side of the water tower. She taunted him about being a Marine who was afraid of heights. She straddled him on top of a ladder, then slapped him hard across the face and bit his lip. He hated the lip biting and told her to stop. None of this made him any less attracted to her, but according to him, he was steadily becoming more cautious.

     Clearly, Feibleman didn’t start out sufficiently cautions, but female pulchritude and amorous advances can have that effect on a young man. Things progressed in a strange direction:

     She talked to him in a hot, vulgar way back at her apartment.

     “Don’t you wanna fuck me?” she asked multiple times, on tape, in clear words. In fact, she affirmed her desire to have sex with her classmate no less than 29 times. She wanted him to fuck her and she wanted it, her word, “hard.” He wanted that, too. But something in his gut told him he better protect himself. And not with a condom.

     After messing around for approximately 15 minutes — kissing, fingering, grinding, throat pressing (or “choking” as Columbia’s filing asserts) — she reiterated her desire for rough sex and he pumped the brakes. He thought of the squeaky bed, paper-thin walls and her roommate. When she refused to take no for an answer he pressed record.

     In total, he claims she bit him three times, yanked his pants down, and grabbed his buttocks in an attempt to “force her mouth on his penis.”

     Feibleman had already sensed that things might go sideways.

     You hardly need to be told what followed...other than this: Feibleman refused to have sex with the gal. Columbia held him guilty of sexual assault despite the recording he possessed. The article is long, as it contains a transcript of the 30-minute recording Feibleman made of the subsequent interaction, but it’s eminently worth your time, especially if you’re a college-bound young man who doesn’t believe that a sexual encounter could prove harmful to you in the aftermath.

     Political correctness, complete with “#BelieveAllWomen,” reigns at Columbia University.

     Today’s second story is a bit of commentary on England’s “grooming gang” scandals from Daniel Greenfield:

     Unlike Meghan Markle, Victoria [Agoglia] never got the opportunity to marry a prince or even grow up. And while the media weeps for Markle, who is departing for Canada because of some tabloid tales, the story of Victoria, once again in the news because of the release of an independent report on the sex grooming gangs of Manchester, shows what true social injustice looks like. It’s not bad publicity for a celebrity.

     It’s a girl who was abandoned to the worst imaginable abuses because intervening would have been politically incorrect.

     The report chronicles how Operation Augusta was launched and then scuttled after her death in 2003, despite identifying 97 suspects and 57 victims. The victims were, “mostly white girls aged between 12 and 16”, and the perpetrators were, “mostly men of ‘Asian heritage’”. By ‘Asian’, the report means “predominantly Pakistani men” though at least one of the perpetrators was apparently Tunisian.

     Constable B, the anonymous cop responsible for some of the most revealing quotes in the report, said, “What had a massive input was the offending target group were predominantly Asian males and we were told to try and get other ethnicities.”

     Mohammed Yaqoob, the pedophile who had forcibly injected Victoria with heroin and was cleared of manslaughter charges, was not the sort of pedophile the Manchester cops were supposed to find.

     Victoria Agoglia died of that heroin injection. She was 15 years old.

     Greenfield summarizes this atrocity with maximum concision:

     The child rapists did not believe that their actions were wrong under Islamic law. And they weren’t.

     The Manchester City Council and the GMP just accepted this reality as they have accepted it so often. They buried the minutes, shut down the investigation, and walked away from the screams of the girls.

     They did it for multiculturalism, integration, and community relations. They did it for social justice.

     They did it to be politically correct, for under the rules of political correctness, you cannot indict a “race,” a “religion,” or a “culture” for savagery.

     Political correctness reigns in the Sceptered Isle.

     Rage doesn’t make me feel better, though it does clear my sinuses for a brief interval. But it’s vital to get word of this sort of thing to the widest possible audience. Not enough people, whether in America, the U.K., or elsewhere, have come to grips with the horrors that political correctness has fastened upon our societies. You have to be personally acquainted with a victim of such an atrocity to have the appropriate visceral reaction. Otherwise you’re far too likely to dismiss it: “It’s got nothing to do with me.”

     But it does have something to do with you, Gentle Reader. If you’re American or English, your country is under attack by persons who regard themselves as above the law. To be maximally descriptive, they regard themselves as above “your infidel law,” or “your gringo law,” or “your white male patriarchal law.” And while they’re still a minority of our respective populations, such a minority can do a lot of damage to the social order.

     Ben Feibleman is fighting back against the injustice that was done to him. He may yet get the redress he deserves. However, Victoria Agoglia is dead and cannot fight back. Those who drew government salaries to protect and defend her and other victims like her have raised their hands in surrender.

     It’s time to dethrone political correctness and condemn it for the horror it is.


Linda Fox said...

Speak plainly about this, Francis. It is not my (or her) country that is under attack - it is those of us who are White, and not Muslim..

The Pale People, particularly those regarded by the Pretentious Elite as "uneducated", and therefore not worthy, are disposable. The darker-skinned Proles are - sort of - OK, but the Pale People are perfectly fine to laugh at, abuse, pay less, and treat as a sub-human.

Sometimes they give use pejorative nicknames - in America, they call us Hillbillies, Unwashed, Redneck, Trailer Trash, among other slurs. Check out the full list from a database -

Understand, it's not "the content of our character", it's the color of our skin. I did nothing to affect my DNA, but there are many that would penalize me for being 98% North Western European by heritage (according to Ancestry and 23 and Me).

If that is not the very definition of Racism, I don't know what is.

Manu said...

The Feibleman case is just crazy. You can have a recording (near-ironclad evidence) demonstrating that, if anything, the MAN was the victim, and it still doesn't matter.

The woman automatically wins. Because reasons.

Then they retroactively invalidate his degree.

The latter part is especially interesting, IMHO. In this case, they nullified his degree only a month after he received it. But the precedence is now established.

How soon before degrees several *years* old are nullified? How soon before one must display political correctness for his entire life, or else risk his degree being nullified and losing his job?

Very disturbing.


I remember one case, read about in passing, where the ONLY thing that saved the man was that he had a video camera set up in his bedroom (apparently for precisely this reason) and it showed the woman's initiation of events and active participation in the, ah, amorous interlude.

And the cherry on top? The later part of the video shows him not in the room and her punching/pounding herself (!) to create the bruises that she then used to file charges.