Monday, January 13, 2020

The Religion of the Left

It's been argued that Leftism is a religion for some time. I never quite 'got that' idea. I've been blessed by being surrounded by relatively normal people most of my life, and the extreme Leftists and over-emotional Womyn were not part of that set.

John Wilder, and the people who commented on this post, have convinced me of that link.

For the longest time, I'd been treating people as though they operated under semi-rational thought processes; my bias in that direction probably was influenced by the groups I hung out with - computer geeks, hard scientists, business owners.

I gotta be honest, when I saw the over-the-top hysterics of the TDS, my first thought was:
What a pity we closed the Loony Bins and tossed these guys on the street.
You know, I'm a casebook example of There-But-For-The-Grace-Of-God thankfulness. Many of the Loonies could have been classmates of mine, because, as I've said before, I was a History major.

Fortunately, I happened to take a programming class, and got Hooked on Tech (TM). That quirky choice led to most of my other vocations/avocations, and kept me from too close contact from the Truly Deranged Left (TM pending).

It's not that I'm unemotional - that moment in Braveheart when Gibson rides in with his Blue Paint on and gives that stirring speech, always makes me cry. When Laurence Harvey draws that line in the sand, who couldn't choke up?

Don't get me started on Bruce Willis in that fake-surrender at the end of Die Hard.

But getting choked up about layabouts having to get off their ass and get a job?


I suspect most of us were the parents who responded to our children's tears with stoicism and a fervent thankfulness that they weren't planning to make a career of acting (they were hammy and terrible).

So, why would the Left expect us to treat OTHER people's children with any more delicacy?


Tracy Coyle said...

Because if you don't, you are a heartless Nazi....

...or murderer of small animals...


And of course all that disapproval is meant for you to repent and see the error of your ways.

BTW, as an agnostic I tend to ignore 'religion' (it is of man) vs faith (which is of God)...but I cried my eyes out in the theater when I went to see Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. Whether it is based in fact or just some 'story', you'd have to be inhuman NOT to have cried. So when someone tells me their 'oppressed', I tend to think of the scene of the flogging and go, yep, no...not even close.

Ragin' Dave said...

The Left, having jettisoned actual religion (and the Logic and Philosophy that goes with it) in favor of emotional-based rhetoric, will now fall for any con that tugs at their heart-strings because they now completely lack the base to differentiate between bullshit and reality. It's all about their feelz now, not truth, not reality, not actual science, but whatever satisfies their emotions.

Which is why men can become women just by saying so, and glow-bull warming is all cause by man, but actual biology and science can't be trusted. Never mind genetics or the gigantic thermo-nuclear explosion happening in the middle of our solar system. That doesn't feel right, so it can't be.

John said...

All the pieces fell together - and it's certain to me that this is why religion is so hated by the Left - you can only follow one God at a time, and the State is theirs . . . .