Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Opening Shot From Schiff - Impeachment Follies

Guys, I just can't.

I can't bring myself to listen to the whole thing. It's like listening to a 3 year-old explain that the objects that got broken were because an alien came into the house, held her down, and proceeded to rampage through the house, destroying all in its wake.


Schiff SHOULD be embarrassed to try this stuff on the public. It's an indication of how stupid he thinks we are that he believes he can get away with lies, mis-statements, mis-characterizations, and outright flim-flam.

No one is THAT stupid - not even him.

Maybe Maxine. But not him.

I have a hard time thinking about how hard the Senators are working to keep the guffaws inside. It must hurt.

Did I mention laughter? This video may be able to be recycled again in November 2020.

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mobius said...

And now nadler. The sound came up before the vid and I was horrified to learn I recognized shifty's voice. I couldn't listen to him either. Some folks don't understand they are a waste of oxygen.