Thursday, January 30, 2020

Family Update

GREAT news about my grandson. He got the flu late last week. My daughter took him to the doctor, got the anti-flu med, pushed fluids, and kept him apart from the rest of the family. He was verified Influenza A.

He's back at school today.

Now, that's a quick recovery! My grandkids are generally healthy, seldom miss school, so probably have a better-than-average immune system. But, still.


Arthur said...

My mother's immune system was stompy to the point you could hear infectious beasties scratching at the front door to escape.

I got my father's. You never get deadly I'll, just an annoying taste of everything that drifts by.

Linda Fox said...

Reacting to the extent of some discomfort is a signal that the immune system is on guard and working. NEVER reacting is rare. Most of us fall between "never sick" and "gets everything".