Friday, January 10, 2020

The State Anti-Gun Laws, and How to Fight Them

From The Raconteur Report, some good sense, practical ideas, and a way out of Civil War 2.0.

The ideas in this appeal to me on several levels. They are not expensive, use existing structures to implement, and don't require the participants to be in the streets, facing off against armed civil authority (almost none of whom actually want to be there). It gives a workable way to avoid confrontation, gain allies, and initiate what SHOULD be the first goal of Constitutional Warriors:
Engage in LEGAL maneuvers as a first step. This brings together like-minded people who are not nutcases eager for war. As activities progress, this further cements the alliance. Over time, they will learn more about the philosophy underlying the actions.
The Revolutionary War didn't start with Concord and Lexington. It didn't start with the Tea Party (1.0).

It started when sober men gathered together to discuss issues, use available measures (legal) to thwart the most egregious actions of the Crown, and gradually build the Core Group that led the Revolution. It takes time to build the Brotherhood. It takes time for them to educate others about the reasons in favor of the change.

Baring any major change, such as government gunning down citizens, or HRC coming to power in 2020, we have time. Let's use what we do have - bloggers, video/podcasts, local activities (city, county, state), educational work, and meeting and sharing - to build our Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) to take back our country from the Leftists.

Years ago, The League of Outlaw Bloggers was created. It did so to combat repression of Conservative bloggers.

I'm suggesting that we start another such group, the League of Americans, with the goal of alliance, education, and support/publicity of local work. It doesn't have to take up that much time or energy, just put the link/logo on the website, and occasionally mention their work in a post, or submit something to cross-post, if you have one worthy of spreading further. (Who's arty in this group that might do the logo?).

Guiding Principles:

  1. We are NOT working for armed revolution, but to bring America back to its foundational governance - in other words, the lightest hand on the citizens that is possible.
  2. This is meant to discuss issues, methods that combat repression by government, and publicize actions that are not being noticed by the media. There are many citizens who are working to ensure their rights at the local level, but cannot get their message out.
  3. This alliance is not about you personally. It is not meant to make you famous or wealthy. It's about promoting Freedom.
  4. Those belonging to the League must be vetted by someone in the group, and submitted for consideration to the whole. I'm not eager to bring in someone who is a loose cannon, or, worse, a Leftist plant.
What do you think?



I'm in.

Even if a fool's hope (love that term from LOTR) I'll grasp at it to avoid an actual "event" which I know would be calamitous even if outside actors didn't take advantage.

Doug said...

Here is the issue. We as American citizens are not the ones who started this fight and who keep pouring gasoline on the fire. We want to be left alone to live our lives.

There comes a time when the talking needs to turn to action. We cannot wait until our guns are gone. All of the talking and court cases have been going on for years. The communists in government do not care about what the Constitution says. They are moving full steam ahead with striping us of our God given rights. Nobody wants this fight except for those in government and society that look down their noses at American patriots.

It is past time to stand as ridged as an oak tree.


Now, this:

Huber was the "Great White Hope"... a man of integrity, a pit bull. And while I admit this is breaking news, so hopefully wrong, looking like absolutely nothing will happen.


Do you remember that scene in Braveheart when William Wallace calls for reinforcements, and they ride off. And then he finds that Robert the Bruce is a knight on the other side? Betrayed. Betrayed on every front, on every level.

I don't want to believe this is the case. I truly don't. But let's say it is.

2020, then, is the year America dies. And absent the centralizing force America provides, Western Civilization truly collapses.

Wes Rhinier said...

Have to say I agree with Doug.

I posted some thoughts on this today here...

But there are many previous articles on this subject at NCRenegade.

While I agree with Matt and Aesops premise I think the time is coming when the People are going to say Nope not one more inch.

Is January 20th that day? I don't know. I own property in Virginia so I have an interest in these events going on. I was planning on attending, now I'm not so sure.

I think the wheels are probably already in motion for the 20th. Doubt the brakes can be pumped. The Governor and the legislature keep pouring gasoline on the fire that is building.

We'll see what happens. But many of us have already tried working within the system.

It's an interesting time. I guess the best advice is to be ready for all hell to break loose on the 20th and pray that it doesn't. Keep Preparing.