Friday, January 31, 2020

Holding Schiff's Feet to the Fire

Tyler O'Neil has a must-read story that focuses on the erratic and twisted logic that condemns President Trump's action vis-a-vis Ukraine's inquiries on Burisma, vs. Obama's actions against then-candidate Trump.

The problem, for the Democrats, is that - no surprise to Liberty's Torch readers - Obama and the Democratic party leaders have a long history of weaponizing the Deep State to take down their opponents, use questionable investigations/inquiries to smear them, and otherwise act just exactly as they claim Trump did.

But, different when Dems do it. Because - oh, look! There's a squirrel!

Their whole "case" is an illusion.

Some factors that may lead to a quick vote to acquit:
  • Trump's numbers, both in polls, and in the numbers that are willing to turn out in freezing weather to see him, are spectabular.
  • The impeachment did not do what the Dems expected - obsessive viewing of the hearings, floods of letters and other contacts with Senators urging them to vote him GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY! Most people can barely bring themselves to watch the evening summaries.
  • No major catastrophes, like a stock market crash (I just checked my portfolio, and it's in really good shape). No rioting in the streets (they should have planned better, and launched the impeachment earlier).
  • The talking heads are, for the most part, boring. A lot of people have stopped paying attention.
  • The GOP is prepared to RUMBLE, BABY! The individual Senators have used social media well, both laying out the arguments against a guilty verdict, and threatening to bring a whole lot of exposure to a VERY dirty crew - DIRTY, DIRTY, DIRTY.
  • China has stopped saber-rattling, and is more than busy with the Coronavirus.
  • Russia is dealing with issues involving their leadership, and the plans for succession of Putin.
  • The EU just got their ass handed to them, via Boris Johnson's quick movement of Brexit through Parliament, and are struggling with the Muslim invaders.
So, given all that, and a distinct lack of enthusiasm in Washington, I think (pray) that this will soon be over.

Then, it's MAGA2020, and we're Ready to RUMBLE again!

Watch the new GOP ad. It's powerful.

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As Thomas Sowell said in his fantastic book "Vision of the Anointed" they really do believe themselves to be better, more noble, more intelligent and educated and moral, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And since they're not just that, but MISSIONARIES bent on creating heaven on earth, they're dangerous.