Friday, March 20, 2020

Biter Bit Dept.: The Left Wing Media Takes It In The Shorts

     This is so good that I have to share it:

     Chanel Rion of One America Network News did the nation a huge service – or will have done, when word of this beautiful comeuppance to the mainstream media gets around. The “reporters” from the establishment networks and cable channels were furious about Miss Rion’s question. Yes, it was a “softball,” in the venerable terminology of political interviewing, but it highlighted an important point. Things are often named, albeit colloquially, after their places of origin, and Covid-19, the Wuhan coronavirus, a.k.a. the Kung Flu, originated in China. Indeed, it is in the nature of the virus, which arose from certain practices found only in China, that it could have originated nowhere else.

     Then again, Leftists have been shrieking for some time that to call the Fourteenth Century pneumonic version of the bubonic plague the Black Death is racist, so this insanity has a pedigree of sorts.

     It’s no secret that the major media’s press corps is all but unanimously anti-Trump. It’s been that way since he defeated their Anointed One, Hillary Clinton, and invalidated all their preprinted editions and magazine covers. Trump has racked up success after success in defending and promoting the interests of America and Americans. Yet the media’s thirst for revenge against Bad Orange Man has only swelled. Now as ever, the meanest thing you can do to a celebrity – and make no mistake, Gentle Reader; major-media “reporters” think of themselves in the same category as movie stars – is to make him look stupid.

     Make this one go viral, Gentle Reader. You’ll be able to tell political friends from foes by the colors their faces turn upon viewing it. Besides, it’ll be good for your own blood pressure. Laughter is the best medicine, don’t y’know. (That having been said, if you’ve already tested positive for the Kung Flu, you might want to look into a hit of chloroquine as well.)



Putting this into my next Linkfest, "Top of the Fold". Thanks Francis, and Hashem bless you. Heck, I think I'll just post it now as well... HT to you of course.

You can see and hear the discomfited shuffling and the facial expression of the guy in front of her is just priceless. Thanks for the laugh.

Paul Bonneau said...

I don't know why people take newspapers any more, or get "news" on TV. It's really dumb to do that, and for a long time it's been common knowledge that that is a dumb thing to do.

Linda Fox said...

Coincidentally, I just this week filled a prescription for hydroxychloroquine, the drug that is being touted as a cure for COVID-19. I'm using it for RA. It's also good for malaria, which MIGHT help explain why Africa is not reporting cases, for the most part (although it also might be due to poor record-keeping or political considerations).