Friday, March 20, 2020

The REAL Crisis - We're Beginning to Notice

And, it's scaring the hell out of the Elites that depend on us to act like the French Revolutionary peasants.

I think we've all noticed the 24/7 saturation of the news with stories of bare shelves, inadequate ventilator supply, and bodies on the verge of dropping in the streets. A more cynical side of my brain is saying that forcing kids to be underfoot all day is contributing to the exhaustion - both physical and mental - and also contributing to the financial worries of families.


Is the Kung Flu a serious problem?


But the more serious problem is that the Eternal Trifecta of Leftism (Politicians/Bureaucrats, Academics/Educators, and The Official Media) is pushing so hard for Americans to follow a course of action that is detrimental to OUR economy/political structure, and beneficial to the Mainland Chinese.

They are the reason that many of us have felt a gradual rise in panic. They are the reason that governors have clamped down on public gatherings, informal assemblies, and church attendance. This is Step One of the Leftist Plan to Take It ALL. If we can't gather, we cannot exercise our right to protest. If they control the Media, where will we get contrary information (NOW do you see why they fight so hard to Cancel non-Leftist voices?). They only need a quick pull of the Internet pipeline to completely shut us up.

Has anyone noticed that MOST of the governors that shut down their states and cities (beyond what Trump had suggested) are Democrats?

By suggesting self-isolation earlier than the Left anticipated, Trump may have bought us time. Time to fight back. Time to find work-arounds for Official Media.

And, the fact is, we ARE beginning to notice - that, although TP can be difficult to find, grocery stores are mostly filled with pleasant people, just like our other neighbors. That churches and families are managing to meet online. That private citizens and private charities are stepping up their actions, and looking out for their neighbors and families.

And, most significantly, that the people infected aren't falling like flies.

I fully anticipate that, when the period of "social isolation" ends, we will have a bruised, but functioning, society. We won't be burying unusual numbers of people - in fact, there may be fewer, without as many auto accidents and bar fights.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, there will not generally be shootouts in families. Nor roving gangs of armed thugs, eager to liberate the TP from your clutching fingers. Most families had some food in the pantry, and sensibly bought to augment it. Unlike the starving hordes of most Leftist revolutions, we are well-fed (most of us TOO well fed). By now, most people have enough to get by in food and medicine, and are doing their best to keep calm.

Rather than watching Coronavirus hysteria, 24/7, we're binging on reruns, Netflix, and - OMZ! - taking up OFFLINE pursuits. People are playing cards, working on their lawns and gardens, enjoying talking to people with virtual means, and just treating this like an extended vacation.


JWM said...

I do not fear the virus as much as I do the concerted effort by the television networks, and newspapers to sow doubt, and discord, and to undermine every effort that the President is making. This can lead only to chaos. They are playing with fire in a barn full of straw. Will they be happy to see riots in the streets? Martial law? A body count that dwarfs anything brought on by the covid virus? I believe they either do not care what the results of their campaign of lies and slander produce, or that they hope to see the dreadful stuff I just mentioned. In any case what the media is doing is Evil, with a capital E. Damn them to hell.

Paul Bonneau said...

I bet the businesses that package emergency supplies and food are going to do well from now on.

Linda Fox said...

More importantly, people are learning SELF-sufficiency. Along with disconnecting from increasingly vapid coverage of the "news", boring TV, and 24/7 celebrity gossip.

I've been in contact with people who are:
- Assisting neighbors and family with getting supplies
- Checking on the elderly
- Managing home-schooling
- Getting more of their entertainment offline
- Finding alternatives to canned amusements - many of my friends/family have taken up board games, cards, and other forms of fun
- Tackling those long-avoided projects in the house
- Getting enough sleep
- Cooking from scratch

I think we'll be fine - in some ways, better.