Monday, March 30, 2020

China Rx Update

I've been reading, and posting on, the book It's China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America's Dependence on China for Medicine. It was actually published in 2018, long before the WuFlu hit. It examines how China's control of generics, along with their control of the base ingredients for about 80% of medications used by the world, puts our survival in jeopardy.

This article, on Breitbart, details China's plans to expand their control of the world's pills. The quotes below come from Xi Jinping, leader of China.
To benefit what Xi depicted as charitable actions by China, he demanded that “all G20 members take collective actions” that would benefit the Chinese Communist Party’s economy, such as “cutting tariffs, removing barriers, and facilitating the unfettered flow of trade.”
Xi also proposed a “global network of control and treatment,” also led by him, that would grant China full access to all medical data, presumably also including intellectual property related to the manufacture and development of medical technology.
If we give him that, it's game over for America. He would control our extremely profitable pharmaceutical industry (the parts he didn't already control through price undercutting, dumping pills at below cost to gain a monopoly, and industrial spying).

They're using the crisis to get money to fund their corporate take-over of the world by profiting off the disease.
RTHK, a Hong Kong television network, noted on Friday that China is already “printing money” from the sheer amount of profits coming from Communist Party-launched factories making sanitary masks. According to RTHK, the Party has built nearly 9,000 factories to manufacture masks alone in the past two months.
“A mask machine is a real cash printer,” Shi Xinghui, a sales manager in southern Guangdong, China, told the network. Guangdong borders Hong Kong. “The profit of a mask now is at least several cents compared to less than one in the past. Printing 60,000 or 70,000 masks a day is equivalent to printing money.” 
 And those masks are of extremely poor quality, as countries, as countries in the EU are finding. Spain has received some of their masks from China - but, much of the "assistance" is strictly a pay-for-play cash deal.

The EU is DONE - stick a fork in it.

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