Thursday, March 5, 2020

What An Incredible Surprise Dept.

     It seems St. Louis has produced a new case of Biter Bit:

     Kimberly Gardner made history in 2016, roaring to an election victory as St. Louis city’s first African-American chief prosecutor on a campaign funded heavily by the liberal mega-donor George Soros. Four years later, she finds herself under investigation and her chief investigator already indicted for a prosecution gone bad, one that forced Missouri’s Republican governor to resign in what some now believe may have been a political attack.

     Gardner, a Democrat and the city’s circuit attorney, was forced in 2018 to withdraw her indictment accusing Gov. Eric Greitens of felony invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a picture of his scantily clad girlfriend and threatening to release it if she talked about their affair. Gardner’s office dropped the charge after admitting she did not have proof of the photo or its transmission.

     Investigators now allege the Greitens prosecution, which forced the governor to resign less than two years into his tenure, was built on lies that included perjury and hiding exculpatory evidence that would have helped demonstrate Greitens' innocence, court documents show.

     Eric Greitens is a white Republican. Kimberly Gardner is a black Democrat. Surely there’s no reason to suspect a political motive in Gardner’s destruction of Greitens’ political career, is there? But wait: there’s more!

     The magnitude of alleged holes and potential misconduct in the case that Gardner brought against Greitens have been laid bare in subsequent court filings, which include a seven-count felony indictment against Gardner's chief investigator in the case, William Tisaby....His lawyer, Jermaine Wooten, did not immediately return a call seeking comment but has said previously his client is "absolutely 100 percent innocent" and a victim of discrimination.

     Tisaby, the first private investigator ever to be engaged by the St. Louis attorneys’ office, is also a black Democrat. Finally, we have this:

     Gardner claims she is a victim of her efforts to clean up what she says is a dirty and racist law enforcement system in St. Louis.... In advance of Tisaby’s trial later this month, Gardner filed a lawsuit against the City of St. Louis, the Police Association, Special Prosecutor Carmody, two of his children who work at his law firm assigned to this investigation, and two police officials. Gardner seeks to “redress violations” of her civil rights and ability to do her job under the Reconstruction-era Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, claiming there are “white supremacists” on the St. Louis police force.

     The eternal fallback of the black miscreant who comes under scrutiny: Cry Racism! Truly, some of Mankind’s foibles are as constant as the stars in their courses.

     But I’m a racist, remember? You can’t trust me.

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