Thursday, March 12, 2020

Let's Pull Off That Old Double-Reverse Fake!

For Trump.

A lot of voters who've always been for Democrats are looking at the field and thinking:

  • The Commie?
  • The Addled Old Guy?
  • A Brokered Convention and - Guess Who?
Many of them have already declared for Trump. Some more are, at least, considering it.

Meanwhile, despite having small crowds and lackluster "supporters" who can only answer questions about his obvious declining mental state with, "Oh, that's just Good Old Joe!", the primaries are being taken by Biden. It's not a walkaway in most cases. The margin is just comfortable enough to prevent a challenge - and to take sufficient delegates to deny Bernie the nomination.

It's clear that the fix is in for Biden. I can only speculate about the methods - busing in "voters", enabling the aliens to vote, plain bribery, or outright theft at the precinct level - but the Democrats are orchestrating a Biden nomination.

My personal bet is on Clinton for Veep, with the plan to - Suddenly - discover his mental state after a few months, and use the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove him as incapable of handling the job.

Some are suggesting that Pierre Delecto would be the fallback choice for VP, as he would scoop up the Never Trumps.  But Clinton's ambition will not let that happen. If you're thinking about getting between her and the Presidency, better have a good life insurance policy.

The Double-Reverse Fake (DRF):

When called this year about your presidential preferences, and how you plan to vote, enthusiastically answer that you are a BIG fan of HRC! Ask for campaign literature to distribute to friends and family. Heck, you might even wanna throw them a buck or two, just to keep them on the string.

Yard signs are up to you. You might want to get a couple for neighbors. It's a great way to find out what they think. If they accept them, chalk it off to early senility. If they act like you're crazy, let your hair down, and confess that you are DRFing. Explain how it's done, and encourage them to do the same.

If enough sane people do this, we could lull them into complacency, and deliver the coup de gras on Election Day. I do NOT suggest that you vote early. You want the sudden surge come as a complete surprise, so they can't possibly fake enough pro-Dem votes (see Hugh Hewitt's book - If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat).

Who's with me on this?


vanderleun said...

I was almost there last week:

Then, to scoop up any outlying votes, the HARRIS/SANDERS sleeper cell reveals the barbecued brain trust they will have ready to rock in their first hundred days at the helm of the supertanker USSA.

Those assignments will be:


paul scott said...

I thought it was nearly common knowledge that Bidden would offer VP or equivalent to Hillary Caligula. I say she will go for VP and arrange Biden's exit.