Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What's the REAL Point of Forcing Social Isolation?

Is it, as Sarah Hoyt suggests, to keep us dependent on the government and the media (but, I repeat myself)?

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The conspicuous antics of the Congressional Dems leads many to speculate that the real point of the WuFlu Panic is not to protect the health or well-being of the American citizenry (when have they EVER cared about us?), but to:

  • Tank the economy, thereby ushering themselves in as the heads of the New Order.
  • Keep us frightened and helpless inside our houses.
  • Keep us from hearing or reading non-approved media.
  • Put a stop to any talk of actually using our Constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and Right to Bear.
What would once have seemed like Conspiracy Theory is looking more and more prophetic.

I've not seen this level of fear-mongering - ever. Not even with AIDS in the 1980s. Not with "Hillbilly Heroin". Not with #MeToo.

You can't get away with it, if you turn on your TV. It's dominating the news. It's the sole topic on most talk shows. If you attempt to escape through watching other programming, it's on a crawl ticker at the bottom of the screen.

And, although the hysteria is occasionally interrupted by one of Trump's news conferences, the Talking Heads quickly leap from that attempt to rein in the Progressive Message, breaking into coverage of the conference midway, to ask their woefully uninformed colleagues to pontificate on the science.

Which, most of them don't understand. So, they resort to their fallback, We Hate That Bad Orange Man.

Even the social media that many of us are using is heavily censoring any dissident messages. I've never experienced that before this month. I recently received a message that Facebook was "letting" my message through. I hadn't known that I'd been censored. There was no indication that any posts were not getting through, until I saw this.

What other unapproved communications are not getting through?

They took a drug meant for FISH - which contained Chloriquine PHOSPHATE, not Hydroxychloriquine. Completely different drug. You wouldn't know that from the headline, which is:

Arizona man dies after self-medicating with chloroquine to treat coronavirus

This is why buying your meds from online vet pharmacies or from online suppliers (not those approved by your insurance plan) is a very bad idea. Small details count. Similar-sounding doesn't cut it.

But, it's not only Fox News that's peddling the idea that hydroxychloriquine is scary-dangerous. Guys, the drug (brand name Plaquenil) has made it through FDA testing for malaria, RA and other autoimmune diseases. It's not without its side effects or hazards, but almost all of the problems arise with LONG-TERM use.

Which, COVID-19 treatment is not.


Ed Bonderenka said...

It's not like a lot of us haven't been saying the same thing.
We just don't have Hoyt's reach.

boron said...

Plaquenil plus zinc or azithromycin - either addition interferes with the virus' mRNA synthesis.
And please: some other autoimmune diseases, with some other autoimmune diseases Plaquenil will be a problem.

Rick C said...

The thing is, though, that Plaqeunil's been around for decades. We know the side effects, which is why you were able to make your warning, boron.

When people warn that we don't know the side effects, they are either ignorant, or must mean *new* potential side effects due to interaction with a newish virus. We already know some people who shouldn't take it, the unsafe amount, etc.