Thursday, March 19, 2020

Things I Didn't Know - What's a "Wet Market"?

Explained very nicely here. Along with more on just how that contributes to pathogens jumping between species.

I watched the President yesterday. A reporter was baiting him, trying to get him on record about a supposed staffer who'd used the term "Kung Flu" in discussion about COVID-19. The President, someone who is perceived as one who is clumsy with language, deftly dodged the question.

In other words, how DARE Trump not answer our questions about rumor and gossip?!!! Folks, if you "don't know" who the staffer is, then you don't have a sourced story - it's gossip. About what you'd expect from the Deep State.

That the media is using these hard-ass tactics to try to force Americans to bland up talk of Kung Flu (There! I said it!) is just one more indication of the enormous pressure China puts on the media. It isn't because they actually like Asians - they're perfectly happy to stereotype them as "overchievers" and minorities that shouldn't claim minority status because, Shut Up!

No, this is marching orders from China. Disconnect the country from any connection to a global disease. Bad for business. Do read the linked article - it clearly lays the blame for this mess on China, and their refusal to be forthright with their citizens about the danger posed by the disease.

China knows what's at stake. The globalization status quo is in the process of being disrupted, which could destroy the current Chinese economy.

How is China going to be believed about delivering products "just in time", when they will - and have - broken that agreement in the case of infection masks, medical supplies, and medications, in the wake of this disease? That, alone, will undercut any advantage provided by cheaper costs for those products.

China is about to go belly-up. Even all the frantic efforts of the worldwide media will not save them from a long-deserved retribution.

Expect them to:
  • Unload real estate and stocks, to get immediate cash. It will trigger fire-sale pricing, so there will be MANY bargains available. This will affect CA and other West Coast communities, primarily in the overpriced major cities.
  • We'll be able to buy back our Treasury bonds cheaply, which will improve the US economy in the long term.
  • Manufacturing in the USA will start a boom that may last 50 years or so. The sudden drop in employment today will clear out a lot of aliens that will self-deport. It's happened before. In the wake of the Wachovia meltdown, the schools suddenly dropped in numbers of Hispanics, who were returning to Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. I was working in a Charlotte school at the time, and saw it for myself. Same with the H-1B visa holders - their positions were conditional on having work. Some of them will leave (and, I HOPE the Congress isn't stupid enough to expand the program now).
  • Unload inventory as soon as they can - a FLOOD of cheap crap will hit in the next few months.
  • Crack down on any citizen-led threat to their hegemony (I always wanted to use that word in connection with a country besides the USA). They will be desperate for control over their citizens, and will bring in the military at the least hint of protest.
  • They may try to invade other nearby countries, for the immediate cash flow that such a conquest provides. I doubt that they'll try tangling with Russia or India, but the smaller contiguous countries should prepare for a threat.


JWM said...

Here in So Cal we've been seeing an incredible boom in very high density apartment complexes. I can count over a dozen in my small corner alone. In one breath we hear how the electric grid is over-taxed, there is only so much water to go around, and traffic has become a nightmare. Yet at the same time we're seeing builders cram four, and five hundred unit hot box apartment buildings in the space of a failed strip mall. I wonder how much of this is fueled by Chinese money. And I wonder, in what universe does anyone think foreign ownership of American real estate is a good idea?
Why is it even allowed?


glasslass said...

JWM Worked for an attorney who dealt only in real estate and land. Illinois has on it's books since the late 1800's that if a foreign national buys farm land they must become an American citizen within 7 years or the state may just take it from them. No purchase, no nothing it now belongs to the state. It was to prevent loss of prime farm land to anyone not American. As of the 80's it had never been repealed. We use to speculate what would trigger it being used. Most have forgotten it's even in Illinois law but maybe it's time to remind some of them as I know from my family of farmers that the Chinese have bought up some prime land.

Linda Fox said...

Oh, I'm generally against those land take-aways, but that would be too delicious for words. Time to take America back from its would-be Foreign Overlords!