Sunday, March 29, 2020

Reading China RX Intro

I'm still reading the Roosevelt book, but this is a library book with a limited time to read.

It's China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America's Dependence on China for Medicine. Published in 2018, it's the book we SHOULD have read, long before the WuFlu hit the USA.

It discusses the problems with depending on another country for vital medicines and their component materials. It would have been bad enough with a relatively friendly country (Israel, India, or Canada, to name a few), but that strategy may yet be fatal for the USA.

Hopefully, the KungFlu Panic is a wake-up call to the population. If they are frightened sufficiently, a turnaround may happen before its too late.

I'll be posting updates on this book, as I read it. I'll try to aggregate the individual posts here, with links.

Part One.

China Rx Update - linked to a current story.

Part Two.

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Linda and all:

Under my own name I wrote an essay on my other blog highlighting the folly of offshoring so much. I mentioned, specifically, pharmaceuticals as one example of this.

Another facepalm example was the offshoring of a military encryption chip to which the manufacturer (in China!!!!) added a backdoor.

This was in 2014.

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