Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I Feel G-o-o-o-o-d!

I've not been sick, but - just not well for some weeks. Easily fatigued, needing lots of naps, no physical or mental energy to do things.

Today, after 7 days on my new RA drug (hydroxlchloriquine - yes, the Coronavirus med), I woke up refreshed, less sore, and with a good, positive mental attitude. It may just be coincidence, but, I'll take it. I'm hoping it lasts, but, whether this is a one-shot, or a turn of the page, I'm taking advantage of it.

I'm also taking cortisteroids once a day, which also has the result of giving me a quick "up" boost - a kind of euphoric sense of well-being, short-term. So, that might be a part (or all) of my good mood.

When my husband got up (he's a late sleeper), we spent some time talking finances. We're already planning for the future - investment in low-priced stocks, where to take the money from, and other household minutia. He had to take some money out of his retirement investments (Required Minimum Distribution), so chose to send the money received to different charities. He had some fun figuring out which ones, and how much. Kind of like choosing Christmas presents.

I'm starting to feel more confident that this interim period will be relatively short. Trump has an inherent preference for action (unlike most of Washington, that prefers to pontificate for the cameras and dither on decisions until the possible choices are all useless). The stock market, apparently, agrees with him - good news for my retirement money (both that which I've invested personally, and that which I receive from pensions).

I'm anticipating that the public employees are going to be the ones dragging their feet. They're still getting paid, and have few obligations other than to sit on their asses (so, what else is new). Teachers have been discovering the joys of NOT dealing with recalcitrant little buggers. Their parents will likely push for the return of school, however. SOON!


Bob T. said...

The Texas Board of Pharmacy has instructed pharmacists to stop refilling and accepting new prescriptions for your RA med unless they are for validated COVID-19 patients. You may wish to anticipate similar restrictions in your neck of the woods :-(.

Linda Fox said...

Fortunately, I have just gotten a 1 month supply. Hopefully, this will last long enough for the restrictions to ease up.

Drake's Place said...

Stay well and take care, Linda.