Sunday, March 15, 2020

Some Thoughts on All the Closures

Just woke up from a nap to see that ALL SC schools are closed until March 31st. SC government offices are still open, but the state has requested that employers been reasonable about absences due to child care issues. Gov. McMaster is candid in saying that this is a fluid situation, and all details have not been worked out in government employment. Pregnancy should be considered a special medical condition, allowing for unpenalized absence.

In a separate closure - ALL Ohio bars and restaurants are closed for dine-in. With St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday, this is BIG! A lotta Irish in Ohio and other states affected, are going to be disappointed.

I have a nephew in FL, working in a restaurant, who has been laid off for the next 2 months (he's the most recently hired guy, and low on the recall list). There is legislation in FL that allows some compensation funding for these situations, but still, it's going to be tough.

Small businesses are going to suffer. Some of the larger, poorly capitalized businesses may go under. The impact of all this is likely to kill Trump economy for a long time. And, for the more suspicious among the American people, that was the point of the epidemic - to hamper, if not destroy, Trump's presumed re-election.

I wish I could be more optimistic. Too few people have savings, too many live on the edge. I'm in an OK situation, having income independent of work, but a prolonged shutdown would probably impact me, directly or indirectly. Fortunately, most of my family live frugally, and should ride this out without disaster.

George Conway is back at stupid anti-Trump tweets. I do hope that he is doing this as a fake, not actually believing all the nonsense he tweets. Kelly Conway is the very model of a marital saint for not either walking out, or calling him out publicly on his hostility.

For the record, I've had both medical doctors, and osteopathic doctors (yes, they ARE doctors), and the care for both has been good. Often better with the OD's.

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