Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Allah the merciful, the compassionate.

The following is from a Sputnik article about a young Yazidi woman in northern Iraq. Her experiences after ISIS took over her village have been described in a book by a German author.
“Muslim Kurds, Arabs and Yezidis were like a big family for me before all of this,” she wrote, according to Deutsche Welle. “It was only after the terrorists seized power that our neighbors suddenly no longer wanted to even eat with us…. Workers, teachers and doctors — all of our Arab neighbors seemed to have joined the [Islamic State].”
The terrorists captured thousands of people from the Yazidi minority group that are believed to be infidels according to their religion. Yazidi females were taken as “wives” and sex slaves forcibly by Daesh [ISIS] fighters.

A 60-year-old militant and nine others impregnated Shirin and her last “husband” helped her to flee to Germany.[1]

[1] "Hit, Attacked, Raped by Men High on Drugs,' 18-Year- old on Daesh captivity." Sputnik, 2/28/16 (links omitted).

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