Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ultra-Quickies: A Lament

     I own a Kindle Fire HDX, a Kindle Fire, a Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, a Verizon tablet, an LG cell phone, three assorted laptop computers, a large rechargeable flashlight, and a Wicked Lasers 2-watt Arctic model, and I am growing weary. Very weary.

     I hope Luke Skywalker’s light saber uses disposable batteries, because if he has to hunt among 23 different chargers when he hears that the Sith are on the way...hmm. Do you think that might have been why the Galactic Republic fell in the first place?

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Linda Fox said...

I just bought an IPhone 5 - good price, bought outright. But, the charger is the lightning cable type - unlike any other phone charger.

It's enough of a hassle that when I do replace my MacBook (lightweight, comfortable, easy to take on the road), I'll probably go PC-type with Linux. At least I have tech support in the form of my geeky brother.

I have to carry around a gallon freezer bag filled with my connectors/chargers right now.