Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quickies: An America-First Foreign Policy

     One of the few things about Donald Trump’s candidacy that I wholeheartedly approve is his embrace of the “America First” attitude toward foreign interventions. Patrick Buchanan has a fine article on the subject at VDARE. Herewith, I present another statement of great merit, from a fictional future president at a time when the world is threatened with destruction by an implacable alien invader:

     “...the U.S. is not willing to defend others if they are not willing to contribute to their own defense. Nor is it willing to sacrifice its treasure and blood when other countries stand idly by, suppling materials for great cost, reaping the benefits of American sacrifice while enriching themselves....

     “At the end of this conference, I will announce that the U.S. is withdrawing from all standing mutual defense treaties. If the choice has to be made, the first choice will be to defend the citizens of the United States who are paying for that defense....

     “The world has become accustomed to the U.S. cleaning up its messes, defending it, stabilizing it and generally reaping the benefits of America’s commitment to democracy, free trade and freedom without incurring any of the massive cost involved. Now the world expects the U.S. to defend it again, reaping even more benefits while America bleeds.

     “Not going to happen,” the President said, looking around. “You can toss your ante on the table or you can damned well die. And that concludes my statement.”

     [John Ringo, Citadel]

     How about it, Gentle Reader? Had enough of playing unsalaried “world policeman” yet?


Navvet55 said...

"Unsalaried World Policeman". Yeah, that's it in a nutshell. If you wish to spend your dollars, and the blood and honor of your military along with us, then be al means we shall be there should the need arise. Otherwise (with the obvious exception of some foreign "adventure" meeting the needs of our own national interest(s)), count us out.

This would dovetail nicely with our immediate exit from the UN, along with their immediate exit from out shores.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like I have another book to check out!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

"Had enough of playing unsalaried “world policeman” yet?"

When the Berlin Wall came down, I figured that it was high time for NATO to fold its tent and we should bring our guys home.