Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quickies: FYI Dept.

     At The Burning Platform today you’ll find a highly informative article elucidating the important differences between Islam and Christianity, with particular attention to the concept of "reform." The article title is especially significant:

Why Islam Lops Off Heads, Christianity Doesn’t, and Trump Is Right

     Equally significant are the author’s prescriptions for the changes required to detoxify Islam...and why those changes will never happen.

     Ann Barnhardt has the right of it:

     Islam MUST be destroyed. Anything less is suicidal, effeminate insanity. This satanic political system must be wiped from the face of the earth. Not contained, not tolerated, not quarantined, not “reformed”, not compromised with, not dialogued with, and encountered only for the sole purpose of destroying it.

     Civilized people cannot share a nation with savages. Indeed, as the 28,000 Islam-powered terrorist acts since September 11, 2001 have clearly indicated, it’s become clear that we cannot share a planet with them. There’s no getting around it.


Avraham said...

That seems right to me

Navvet55 said...

Many of us have been saying much the same thing, for a number of years now. I fear we are (as you have eluded to before) becoming "the Remnants". The corruption, wanton disregard toward the Constitution/rule of law, of both political parties (and their fellow travelers in the media and elsewhere), has set the stage for Islam to spread its malignancy to these shores with little or no resistance.

Yeah, we have millions of rounds of ammo, and "a rifle behind every tree and blade of grass", but is there still the will to use same? And if so, in defense of what? America as we once knew her (or at least thought to have known her) no longer exists.

The last 50 years or so have seen so many changes in what is, at the very least tolerated if not out and out allowed, in who is placed in positions of power (not just the President but those around him and any number of Senators, Congresscritters, all manner of judges at all levels, and don't get me started on the bureaucrats).

The lack of educators who EDUCATE..not indoctrinate...or build self-esteem.

I could go on...but you get the idea.

In short "we" got what we paid for. (Perhaps not you or I, rather, the collective society.)

And it may be that the piper we have to pay is Islamic. In my case, I wonder if he will take lead in payment.