Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rampant stupidity.

Yet again we see the results of "open borders", no cultural requirement for assimilation and allowing anyone, including people who may be terrorists, into your nation.

It would be heartbreaking if it wasn't the easily-foreseen consequence of rampant stupidity.

But because this event in Brussels was the result of said stupidity it's not heartbreaking -- it's infuriating.

It is up to the people of Europe to stand up and say not only "no more damnit" to people like Merkel, they must demand that those who came in get the hell out.

This applies to the United States as well.[1]

That which Mr. Denninger calls rampant stupidity is the absolute NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of every Western European government.

The only difference I have with Denninger is that it's not stupidity, but rank treason.

If you object in Europe, you will be criminally prosecuted. The heads of two major political parties in the Netherlands and France have been prosecuted five times between the two of them. Marine Le Pen had her parliamentary immunity revoked just so the rats could get at her. The destruction must be unimpeded.

In the U.S., the same policy exists of massive third-world immigration to transform America and inundate the white founding peoples of the nation.

Widespread attacks on free speech are just as virulent in the U.S. They are seen in the form of hysteria about hate speech, racism, bigotry, white privilege, trigger warnings, political correctness, and university speech codes. Soros-funded Black Lives Matter AntiFa-like street thugs bring violence and provocation to the American political process as we speak. Citizens in the public square are attacked and harassed.

The rats know exactly what they are doing. The importation of savages to wreak havoc in Europe is exactly what is intended.

Any terrorism that happens is just something everyone will have to suck up -- with the added insult of pathetic gestures and empty posturing, such as votive candles, flowers, vigil keepers, impotent "Je suis somebody" signs and t-shirts, heads of state condemnations, all-around solidarity proclaiming, laughable arm-linking of those responsible, tsk tsking about Islamophobia, weepy recollections of colonialism, and stern warning against "nationalism."

If they elite ever have to live with the results of what they have inflicted on the unwashed, hypocritical hysteria knows no bounds. The inevitability of immigrant and Muslim outrage arriving at their doorstep and, as in Calais, not going away with hat in hand, never seems to occur to them.

Denninger has another choice piece today saying, if I read his sometimes subtle language correctly, "keep it up mothertruckers."

[1] "Europe: How's That 'Migration' Working Out?" By Karl Denninger, Market Ticker, 3/22/16 (most formatting not reproduced).


Tim Turner said...

Bunny, I've seen that picture accompanying your post several times. It's a great photo - or frame from a video - and pretty much iconic.

Including it here with the byline "Lawgiver" was a master stroke!

Nothing to add. I just like to show appreciation to commentators when they make me sit up like that. :)

GamegetterII said...

The prime minister of Hungary pretty much said enough of this politically correct nonsense,we ain't takin' no more stinkin' refugees...

There shall be no urban districts beyond the reach of the law, there shall be no mass disorder,
07:46 No immigrant riots here, and there shall be no gangs hunting down our women and daughters.
07:56 We shall not allow others to tell us whom we can let into our home and country, whom we will live alongside,
08:07 and with whom we will share our country.
08:10 We know how these things go. First we allow them to tell us whom we must take in,
08:18 then they force us to serve foreigners in our own country.
08:24 In the end we find ourselves being told to pack up and leave our own land.
08:30 Therefore we reject the forced resettlement scheme, and we shall tolerate neither blackmail, nor threats.
08:47 The time has come to ring the warning bell. The time has come for opposition and resistance.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks very much, Tim. It's a keeper. I have fun trying to add photos to what I post. Sometimes they capture the essence of what I try to say more than my words. It's not hard to find good ones in our maudlin, moron-rich civilization.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Gamegetter, those are startling words to hear coming out of the mouths of anyone east of Wales. I just posted something on the still small voice which is an excerpt from a great piece on Islam. In contrast to Orban, what we get from Western leaders everywhere is just contemptible posturing. It's like you take your car to the mechanic and he says, "I share your frustration over having a car with problems." Then puts a spike in a tire and smashes the windshield. You ask why this person is running around loose but there he is -- a certified mechanic.

Anonymous said...

Sharia law looks to me to be 180 degrees out from the founding documents of the U.S. I'm in accord with the guy who said that Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion. Same sort of belief and fervor as hard-core Leftists, and just as harmful.

So, visualize extremely strong repugnance...