Sunday, March 6, 2016

Quickies: The Future Of “Social Justice” Activism on ludicrous display in this incident:

     Libertarian commentator Lauren Southern was assaulted and reportedly “covered in piss” by activists in the streets of Vancouver, in a new low for the regressive left. Her crime? Saying there are “only two genders.”

     The incident took place Friday evening in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, during an “anti-fascist” protest against a visiting libertarian speaker.

     Southern, accompanied by her Rebel Media cameraman and a team from, met protesters on the street and engaged them in a spirited debate about feminist anti-rape culture crusades and gender identities. Southern’s insistence that there are only two genders annoyed the left-wing activists, who accused her of being “hateful” and “transphobic.”

     The encounter, which was recorded by Press For Truth and can be watched below, concluded when a protester sneaked up behind Southern and, shockingly, poured a bottle of liquid, which Southern later said she believed was urine, over the libertarian commentator. A scuffle quickly broke out as two men attempted to restrain the protester, who was nonetheless able to flee the scene.

     If anything would more vividly reveal the utter vacuity of the SJW “community,” I can’t think what it might be. These people can’t argue for their positions. That renders them unable to tolerate a difference of opinion. Their impulse is to silence such dissenters, by whatever means are expedient. The use of excrement is typical of the mindset.

     What’s heartening is that Miss Southern was unfazed by the assault and continued as she had begun. Let’s hope her example inspires much more such staunch, carry-on-regardless conduct among libertarian and conservative activists. There’s no better counter for SJW activists’ puerility and intellectual defaults. They must be reduced to a self-parodying farce. The mature, coolly rational conduct of the Right will present an irresistibly preferable alternative.


Ron Olson said...

Nice too some courage in the meatspace. The infantile adult would have been castrated not long ago.

Avraham said...

Gender is how one acts. Sex is biological.