Sunday, March 6, 2016

Quickies: Catholics Who Should Know Better

     I’ve been recently, deeply disturbed by the fusillades being exchanged between two groups of vocal Catholics. These groups may be roughly, imperfectly described in several ways:

  • Remnant versus Patheos;
  • pro-Pope Francis versus anti-Pope Francis;
  • anti-Vatican II versus pro-Vatican II;
  • Tridentine versus Novus Ordo.

     These groups have exhibited highly unappealing behavior toward one another – certainly behavior inappropriate for a Catholic – and show no indications of regretting it.

     I shan’t endorse or condemn either group’s positions on Church teaching or policy, as in my incomplete knowledge of them I’d probably do unintended violence to someone’s sincere beliefs. But I do deplore the slanging-match that’s in progress.

     As one with a deep interest in the health and future of the Church, of Catholicism, and of Christianity generally, I exhort both communities to turn up the gain on their consciences, review their own contributions to these shameful exchanges, without any “Well, they started it” nonsense, repent of all such unseemliness, and retreat from it permanently. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that your crossfire is out in the open where others can see it – and that whether it’s justified or not, persons outside the Church will find their attitudes toward it and us to be influenced thereby.

     Glory be to God, people! Behave like adults! Isn’t it bad enough that the Baptists keep accusing us of worshipping the Blessed Virgin? (“The cult of Mary,” my bleeding Irish-American ass!)