Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Life in the insane asylum.

Europe and America create massive incentives for foreigners to come to their lands and then act like it's the biggest mystery on the planet why they do. There are refugees! Angela hat uns gesagt!

Leader of Vlaams Belang Party leader under arrest in Brussels with testicle submission hold.
Once our countries are flooded with foreigners, our governments concoct astonishingly mendacious doctrines such as "multiculturalism" and "diversity" and criminally prosecute citizens who point out the ugly truths about being inundated by unassimilable foreigners -- the Orwellian offense of "crime speak." Actual crimes committed by foreigners on a massive scale – creating conditions of utter lawlessness where the police are overwhelmed – are hidden by the governments. Where the police do act, it is as toads and Muslim lickspittles.

A slow-motion invasion engineered by the governments is furiously denied by officials.

A complete breakdown in order and civil society has taken place in the space of two years and an alien presence encouraged to take root which in earlier times would only have come about because of a catastrophic failure of the armies of the nations.

Traitors prosper and patriots are marginalized and live in fear of their lives or safety because of government paramilitary thugs. Or foreigners.

What we are witnessing is the deliberate betrayal of white culture. Out and out treason.

Below, Pepe Escobar captures a crucial aspect of this attack by succinctly stating the obvious about the effects of Western war, war, and more war and the dishonesty of Europe's leaders about its effects:

Meanwhile, there’s no concerted EU refugee policy to be seen. Not even a balancing act between humanitarian concerns and «deterrence», altruism and realpolitik. No EU political «leader» will confront the responsibility of NATO’s wars (with petrodollar GCC «support») crafting the whole crisis. The absolute majority of refugees are Syrians, Afghans and Africans who depart the continent via NATO-destroyed Libya.

Polls consistently show that a majority of EU citizens don’t want to «welcome» refugees anymore. As Belgium-based Jean Bricmont, author of Humanitarian Imperialism has correctly stressed, EU citizens who «were never consulted on the issue of refugees and who are constantly asked to make sacrifices because ‘there is no money’ understandably do not accept this moral discourse» anymore.

Bricmont is among the very few in Europe to connect the dots: «The same people who encouraged ‘humanitarian’ interventions and ‘support’ for armed insurrections abroad, that have led to perpetual wars, generating a constant flow of refugees, are now demanding that the population of our countries ‘welcome the refugees’. They first generate chaos there, then they applaud chaos here».[1]

[1] "Europe’s Slow-Motion Refugee Debacle." By Pepe Escobar, Strategic Culture Foundation, 3/2/16 (emphasis added).

H/t: Russia Insider.

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