Friday, March 11, 2016

Quickies: Words Fail Me Dept.

     Would you like to see what “safe spaces” are really used for?

     Pro-lifers at the University of California at Davis were heckled by pro-choice student-protesters who grabbed their flyers and threw them on the ground—in full view of a campus security officer.

     The counter-protest was organized by the UC-Davis Women's Resources and Research Center, which enlisted students to make "content warning signs"—visual trigger warnings—and even hold umbrellas for pro-choice demonstrators (so they don't get sunburns, I guess?). The center also provided counselors for any pro-choice demonstrators who were traumatized by the event.

     "Mind Spa Peer Counselors will also provide empathetic listening, support, and access to Mind Spa Services on the first floor of North Hall," a representative of the Center wrote on its Facebook page.

     I repeat my suggestion about walling off all currently operating institutions of “higher education.” (Perhaps we should fill them with water immediately, rather than wait for a commotion from within.) Incidentally, there’s video evidence of some of the above:

     Anyone considering a college education at this time should think it over seriously. Very seriously. The nation still needs plumbers, electricians, masons, and truck drivers.

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