Monday, March 14, 2016

Vengeance in the air.

Possibly the worst blasphemy [in the religion of the social justice warrior] — which I will now state — is the idea that the new religion of social justice exists to disguise the vast disappointment over the failure of the civil rights movement to uplift — that is, raise out of poverty, illiteracy, and crime — a substantial part of the black population. In fact, much of the official policy of the civil rights era only made matters worse, especially the well-known failures of the welfare system with all its disincentives to economic striving. So, the well-intentioned people of the Left — a dying breed — are left in dismay and embarrassment, fighting demons, while black America chooses more and more remain an oppositional culture, apart, antagonistic, and increasingly bent on vengeance.[1]
The ridiculous names that large numbers of underclass black give their children is not-too-subtle sign that they will pick themselves up out of state of resentful dependency and embrace superior white culture when Hell freezes over.

The civil rights "revolution" was an instrument whereby large numbers of blacks could be pandered to and debased with endless, soul-shattering dependency. But don't expect blacks to acknowledge that. It's "white privilege," "structural racism," "dog whistles," "ebonics," "keepin' it real," "Academy Award boo hoo," and, the best for laughs, "Black Lives Splatter" all day, every day.

Vengeance may be what's for dinner but a lot of whites are fed up with the complete, total, and never-ending flapdoodle that sluices over the airwaves extolling black virtue, capability, and enterprise.

Finally, a friend wonders what phone booth those "the well-intentioned people of the Left" hold their meetings in.

[1] "Bull Run." By James Howard Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation, 3/14/16.


Unknown said...

Ever wonder why blacks can be convinced to vote 95% the same way and why a black Republican cannot succeed in altering the equation much if at all? Republican = White = Oppressor = Devil. That is why. They (as a group) are too stupid to listen to an argument. The best a Republican can hope for is disinterest (i e failure to vote). The Dims will always be better off with a black candidate. Obama proves that. Blacks will insist on it in the future after the Clinton hag is swept off the stage.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I think dependency exerts an irresistible forces on the mind. A call to live more responsibly is seen as a terrible threat to security.

The black underclass ought to consider the implications of an ever-greater authoritarian polity. At present, the top-bottom alliance is mutually beneficial but if the bottom begins to seem more and more superfluous to the top as it gains power, the unctuous solicitude of the top for "social justice" and "affirmative action" will wane. Now, the black underclass takes the position that whites are responsible for all their problems, except the "good whites." By their behavior, Goodwhites do their utmost to segregate themselves from blacks so the "good whites" idea is fatally flawed. Yet it is bedrock truth to blacks who are thus stuck on stupid. The Diamond and Silk duo represent a healthy straying off the reservation.