Friday, March 4, 2016

French perfidy.

Much stronger language is needed to describe the rottenness of the French government. This particular official, Emmanuel Macron, is a disgrace, as are his superior(s) and colleagues who approved his statement. And it was approved. Such a threat to do major damage to Britain would not have been made on his own initiative:
If Britain votes to leave the European Union in a June referendum, France will allow migrants to move to Britain by ending border controls and roll out a red carpet for bankers fleeing London, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said.
"France Blackmails Britain: Stay in EU or We’ll Flood You with Migrants." Reuters, 3/3/16.

H/t: Gates of Vienna.


Flyover Pilgrim said...

All England has to do is demolish their end of the Chunnel...

Tim Turner said...

Jeeeez, words fail me. Although "despicable" comes to mind.

In a sane world, that statement alone should get another million votes in favor of the referendum.

Bailey said...

How typically French. Horrified though I might be by this story, surprised I am not.

France be damned.

Anonymous said...

I say flood the tunnel.