Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A record of duplicity and support for jihadis.

This is an excerpt from Elijah Magnier’s excellent article on America’s dishonorable involvement in Syria. Nothing about it has been on the up and up, starting with the CIA Annex in Benghazi and its connection to arming jihadi scum in Syria through Turkey:
During the seven years of war, the US never ever aimed for the stability of Syria nor did it work in harmony with the “interests of the people”. ╬Ło Syrian institution gave the right and freedom to the US to speak on its behalf. US forces are blocking al-Tanf crossing in order to impoverish the Syrian population. The US has protected ISIS in the north-east enclave without destroying the jihadists. Not only that, ISIS attacked, imprisoned and killed dozens of the Kurds acting as US proxies in north-east Syria who allowed ISIS to move in and occupy areas around Hajin. When units of the Syria army looking to combat ISIS moved hundreds of meters east of the Euphrates into an ISIS-controlled area a few months ago, the US destroyed them, thereby supporting ISIS’s ongoing presence in the region.

The US establishment is in denial. It has not come to terms with its defeat in Iraq and Syria. Today, it is moving unilaterally against Iran to implement further sanctions that can certainly harm the Iranian economy. Nevertheless, the Americans will not be able to uproot the Iranian ideology that has taken root in Iraq and Syria precisely because of the failed US foreign policy and regime change strategy that was meant to protect its hegemony and dominance in the Middle East.[1]

Deda Cvetko has a pithy comment on the article playing on its title:
The fig leaf of fighting islamists went down in 1992, when US of A openly sided with mujahedeens and terrorists in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia - and against indigenous Christians.
I never understood our taking the Muslim side in the Balkans. I could never let loose of the fact that Serbians helped many of our downed airmen reach safety in WWII, yet we repaid them with heavy and deliberate bombing of civilian targets in Serbia. Well, that falls under the category of “What have you done for me lately?” I suppose.

If Mr. Magnier is correct, and I think he is, the U.S. failed in Syria and is now flailing around with no decent objective in mind. Not that there was a decent one before. Draw your own conclusions as to whether there is any vitality in a policy aimed at dismemberment of a sovereign state without U.N. authorization and establishing a protectorate for the dregs of humanity in Idlib, with a strong dose of saber rattling and threats directed toward Iran. I’ve been no fan of that country in the past but Trump’s treatment of it is the absolute best way of ensuring that the current dispensation in Iran remains locked in concrete and that the political establishment there is provided irrefutable proof of irrational and eternal U.S. enmity.

Onward, it seems, into more U.S. confusion and killing in Syria.

[1] "With New U.S. Anti-Iran Policy In Iraq And Syria, The Fig Leaf Of Fighting ISIS Falls." By Elijah Magnier, ZeroHedge, 11/4/18 (emphasis removed).

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