Friday, November 2, 2018

A ruling class repulsed by their own people.

Plain talk on the madness of birthright citizenship:
And by the way don’t blame the Chinese or the Russians or the Salvadorans or anybody else using the system [of birthright citizenship and freeloading on productive America's], we’re the ones offering it. Why wouldn’t they take it? The blame lies with us. No other country would allow itself to be relentlessly exploited like this for decades and no other leadership class would side with foreigners over its own people. And yet ours does every time and that tells you everything.
~ Tucker Carlson.[1]

Tucker’s right on the money with the exception of his idea that “no other leadership class would side with foreigners over its own people.” The wholesale betrayal of ALL Western white nations by their elites is an unspeakable tragedy.

That this betrayal has involved importing and favoring people who in most cases are demonstrably our inferiors and/or our enemies is beyond understanding. The cuckoo lays its egg in the nest of other birds who are understandably deceived by the similarity of the eggs to their own but with Westerners there is no such deceptive similarity, only rank, obvious foreignness, otherness, hostility, and indifference to us and our ways.

But the Treason Class will not alter its ways. And Merkel will retire as German chancellor in a leisurely three years to a comfortable existence that will require her to endure none of what mere citizens do and will endure.

The words of John Harrington (1561-1612) ring true today: “Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

For Westerners, treason is what’s on the menu day after day after day after day. We shall see whether the feckless, hesitant Donald Trump does succeed in sealing the border. I say he’ll fail for irresolution and tinkering only with a worthless augmentation of existing defenders. The invaders will enter the United States and will burden us for years to come. If we’re lucky Trump’s apparent plan to NOT release invaders while hold though his successor(s) will continue the tradition of spinelessness and not even do that.

Here’s a simple statement that no U.S. president will make:

Foreigners and law breakers:

You have chosen to try to enter the United States when and where you choose. But we spit on your choice. You are not welcome and your arrogance enrages us. We decide who comes into our country and we are not such fools as to be persuaded to suffer your presence among us by your cheap attempt to manipulate laws governing asylum, which you have already ignored.

You will stay where you are while our legal system deals with you. You will not be released to disappear into our country and take jobs from American citizens, You will obtain no benefit and certainly no right to remain among us despite your long, pointless journey. Return to your homes and do not burden us with your parasitic presence. We have no duty to support you. Go home and solve the problems of your own countries. The United States of America is not the safety valve for every nation that cannot provide a decent government for its citizens.

[1] Quoted in "The True Meaning Of The 14th Amendment Needs Clarification." By Brenda Walker,, 11/1/18.

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