Tuesday, November 6, 2018

And, It's ON!

I voted early today, and my impressions:

  • Heavier turnout then you'd expect in a mid-term election. I'm at Ground Zero, in SC. I'm in both McMasters and Ralph Norman territory.
  • The early vote was primarily - by about 10:1 - Black. Doesn't mean anything, necessarily. Previous elections have been just as lopsided in the first hour or so. But, it does say that the Dems have their ground game in place.
  • My polling place used electronic checks of voter ID. They scanned your driver's license, and were sent a copy of the information on it. They also checked the signatures against the license - I hadn't seen that before (however, in the previous elections, they had used copies of the original voter signature from their registration).
  • There was a small glitch early on. A curbside voter experienced a screen failure, and they had to take the pad (quite large) back inside to try to get it working. When I left, the poll worker was on the phone with tech support, trying to resolve the issue. So, rather than 4 booths, they had 3 in operation.
  • There's a light rain, and some fog - it is NOT deterring attendance. 
So, what can we take from this?

If you live in one of the heavily contested districts, it is absolutely imperative that you vote. No excuses. The Dems have brought in the professionals, and they are VERY organized. I don't believe that fraud will decide this election - in SC, the poll workers are very professional, checking every ID, and making sure that the election is fair. That was true in the rural areas, as well as the cities, as far as I've seen.

If you don't vote, You ARE the Weakest Link!



Voted, straight ticket "R".

Not a lot of people, but seeing as I'm currently "in transition" - so able to go during work hours - I was surprised to see as many people as I did.

My worry is that my district shows the Republican a couple of points behind, though technically within the margin of error... which means it's within the "margin of cheating".

I am starting to put aside some serious cash. If things do go south to actual shooting, which wouldn't surprise me especially if we do hold the House and the Left starts something, I'm telling my wife to grab the kids and go home to "Mother Russia".

Linda Fox said...

I don't have that option. But, I do have family with some "backwoods" experience. Heck, I might follow in my father's footsteps, and take up moonshining! Nothing like booze for trading purposes.

Linda Fox said...

Or, consumption.


If - though I absolutely think the polls are gamed to depress "R" voting - we do keep the House and make gains in the Senate... the Left will LOSE. ITS. COLLECTIVE. MIND.

Cederq said...

Ahh, Miss Linda, nothing like a snort of good old Alabama lawn mower gas...