Friday, November 2, 2018

Leftist intellectual bankruptcy.

Leftist participation in American politics has degenerated to AntiFa street thuggery, “resistance” to established electoral traditions and laws, abandonment of science, celebration of fairy tales about nature and human nature, reliance on dishonest media, demonization of whites, celebration of minorities and foreigners, promotion of suicidal immigration, destruction of the middle class, destruction of manufacturing base, and exclusive reliance of mindless ad hominem attack.

John Derbyshire has a good take on leftist argument. It exists in a vacuum:

We Badwhites understand perfectly well, in fine detail, what the Goodwhites believe. How could we not? The whole culture is saturated in their Narrative. We only have to pick up a magazine; turn on our TV; go to the movies; call on our kids' schoolteachers or college instructors, or our pastor, or our company's HR Director. We shall read (or see, or hear) straight unadulterated Narrative.

Goodwhites, however, have no clue what Badwhites believe. Any thinking outside the Narrative is utterly opaque to them. They never engage with it. They have a sort of comic-book caricature of it in their minds—racists, Nazis, guys with hoods, wife-beaters: supremacy! racial purity! hierarchy! superiority! patriarchy!—but it's nothing like reality.[1]

To Bill Maher, Sarah Palin is a “cunt” and a “dumb twat,” quote unquote. Showing that famous leftist appreciation of astonishing female accomplishment and intelligence. This is the kind of decency to which we will return in the fevered imagination of Hillary Clinton if Democrats can but once again obtain a congressional majority.

[1]  "DERB'S OCTOBER DIARY: Help! 23andMe Says I'm Peter Brimelow's Cousin; Narrative Defenders Fighting In Last Ditch; The Moon...And Mars And Venus; etc. [11 ITEMS]." By John Derbyshire,, 10/31/18.

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