Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pueblos Sin Fronteras - And Other Leftist Organizations

Many of these hide their Communist/Socialist/Leftist origins/backing from their members. They carefully couch their aims in terms that Christians use, often deliberately citing the Bible IN PART, to bring more people to give them money/pressure ICE and the Feds to back down.

What they DON'T do is to give the full story. For example, in most of the stories about Samuel Oliver-Bruno, he is portrayed as a father who lived here for some unspecified time, went to Mexico to tend his ill father, and only crossed the border to care for his ill wife.

That's the bare information available. What is NOT written:

  • Just exactly how did Bruno get her in the first place?
  • Does he have criminal associations/background in Mexico?
  • Just when did he leave to care for his father? Just who is his father?
  • While he was here, did he use falsified/stolen documents to work?
  • Did he financially support his kids?
  • Did his wife fail to mention his presence in this country, and collect welfare/food stamps/benefits as a single mom?
  • Did he file income tax? Pay into Social Security?
  • Is his father alive/still sick/dead? When did any of this happen?
  • Was Bruno employed in Mexico? How did he survive?
  • Did Bruno commit other crimes than illegally crossing the border - even if the arrests weren't followed up on?
  • Any DUIs in that history?
  • If he drove a car, did he carry insurance?
These, and other questions, are just the minimum that should be asked.

And, about that picture - the one that ALL the news media were posting on their front pages?

The woman, with 2 of her 5 children, says that she is from Honduras. She claims to be traveling to join her husband. I presume that he is illegally in this country, as there seems to be no other reason for exposing his family to danger.

Here's the story from the photographer who took the picture (he did not speak Spanish, so was not able to confirm any of the story that he was told by others).

David Harris thinks this was a posed fake picture - and he shows a larger view taken at the same time.

The bigger issue - why did the woman not present herself at an embassy earlier in the trip, or accept Mexico's offer of asylum?

Answer - she is not escaping Honduras in fear of her life. She, like her husband, is an economic "refugee". Not eligible for asylum.

UPDATE: Rush agrees with me - this is staged.

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