Monday, November 12, 2018


     It had to happen eventually...and it has:

     Matt Yglesias is one of the co-founders of the progressive site Vox, which aims to explain the news to its readers.

     After the Antifa mob harassment of Tucker Carlson this week, Yglesias took a less than sympathetic position on the issue and has now been doxxed himself.

     Various commentators have noted that what happened at the home of Tucker Carlson – a mob so noisy and violent that Mrs. Carlson locked herself in her pantry out of fear that her home was about to be invaded – is highly unlikely to happen to Yglesias. We in the Right find such measures more than just distasteful. But note what Yglesias had to say about the AntiFa attack on the Carlsons:

     There hasn’t been even one instance of that sort of harassment, intimidation, or assault practiced by conservatives against any left-winger or his loved ones. As a specimen of projection, this one is unbeatable.

     It had to happen. Indeed, it must happen many more times, to many more left-wing figures, before Left and Right can agree on a truce. The Left has successfully wielded fear and intimidation for far too long to lose the taste for it all at once. In that regard it’s much like their interminable cries of “racism.” The tactic is ingrained in their thinking. It will take a great many counterstrikes to jar them out of that groove.

     Verbum sat sapienti.

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Dystopic said...

If things fall apart in this country, Matty Yglesias will find himself on a one-way helicopter ride to Hell, I think.