Friday, November 16, 2018

Strain at a Gnat, Swallow a Camel Department.

As the U.S. public, politicians and media once again struggle to identify the motives of yet another psychopath murdering his fellow citizens in a pointless act of violence, they all fail to identify the exact behavior perpetrated by the nation as a whole, on the citizens of so many other nations. Americans lose no sleep over the murderous, psychopathic behavior of their government, yet are frozen in apoplexy and incredulity when a handful of innocent American citizens fall victim to the immoral and deranged actions of one of their own. If the United States government sets the example for its citizenry by murdering 8,000 civilians in Raqqa, or by freely providing weapons to regimes that target school buses and play grounds in Yemen, is it really any surprise that this evil and deranged behavior has taken root within the U.S. society itself?
"Why do Americans struggle to understand mass shootings, yet fail to question the violent role of their nation in the greater global community?" By Brian Kalman, South Front, 11/11/18 (?).