Thursday, November 1, 2018

Quickies: A Beautiful Explanation

     If you’ve been wondering about the open, ardent desire of the legacy media’s commentators to believe that a “Blue Wave” will wash over us Tuesday evening, one of the most articulate and erudite writers in politics, Roger Kimball, has laid it out for us:

     Adamant anti-Trump and NeverTrump commentators have circulated and then taken solace from the Blue Wave meme not because they are especially credulous, but because the election of Donald Trump offended their sense of existential propriety. The unforgivable datum is that Donald Trump, as I have said many times, was elected without their permission and indeed over their strenuous objections. That is the intolerable insult they cannot abide. It was an event that not only should not have happened but could not have happened. Hence the widespread access of denial, followed by anger, that greeted the advent of this great anomaly.

     “Make it go away!” has become the Left’s theme song. This coming Tuesday, let’s see to it that it doesn’t.



They can't accept that Trump won and we "Normals" reject their agenda, because they believe themselves to be better, more noble, more noble, more educated / intelligent / enlightened.

How DARE we slopedforeheadknuckledraggers reject their Philosopher King rule?

Linda Fox said...

I shouldn't be, but I'm getting nervous about this. I know we SHOULD win an honest election.


A Reader said...

I'm more worried about next Wednesday than next Tuesday. The left went three kinds of crazy this time two years ago. How desperate and crazy and violent will they become if their hashtag resistance turns out to be no more than a fart in a windstorm, and their 'blue wave' is really a vortex in a toilet bowl? I'm I'm seriously considering loading all my guns next Tuesday night. The last time I did that, a hurricane was coming to town.


@A Reader

You ain't lyin'.

If, as Linda points out, we should win an honest election - and have no doubt they'll attempt to steal it as they believe we're knuckledraggingslopedforehead types - but still lose, they WILL go insane.