Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The anti-American, revolution.

This – the Dem takeover of the House – does not involve loyal opposition in any sense. It is the culmination of a long, hard, contemptuous, communist slog through the institutions of constitutional America. The ultra-left Democrats care not for law, reason, sovereignty, or the welfare of the nation and its people. They care about total power and we will now see how far they will go to acquire it. What they have in mind is the death of freedom, law, rights, truth, and decency.
Independently of the impeachment sound and fury in Washington, the walls will continue to close in on domestic dissenters. The digital ghettoization of alternative views to “protect our democracyfrom supposed outside meddling conflated with “hate online” will accelerate, with social media a particular target for censorship. The Deep State’s intelligence and law enforcement organs will step up actions to penalize any resistance to Antifa violence, while perpetrators of such violence will rampage with impunity. Trump has done nothing to protect free speech online or in public places while his enemies continue to contract the space for both—but things can and will get much, much worse. Such vestigial protections of religion, free speech, right to bears arms, and others that we still possess—for now—aren’t likely to survive much longer as the edifice of the old America continues to crumble under the malfeasance of the very Executive, Legislative, and Judicial officials who pretend to be its custodians.[1]
To the normal citizen today what does “elite” signify except a treasonous scumbag intent on either destroying America as it was conceived or consciously choosing to do nothing to prevent that destruction?

Be sure to read the whole article, especially what Mr. Jatras says about “tribes.” NO politician out there will speak about the reality of what Jatras points out but it is precisely what is driving us straight to civil war. NOTHING is being done to deal with the spiritual and ideological problems of our time. Trump at least understands basic economic calculation, in the realms of trade and employment anyway, but that’s it. But he’s clueless about war and the Constitution.

One hundred and four years after the criminal stupidity of WWI we now have a far worse stupidity to deal with. The earlier disaster was the result of mere strategic miscalculation. Today, millions are confused about the meaning of civilization, rationality, and decency. How exactly will this end except in a true cataclysm?

[1] "The Dictatorship of Victims Strikes Back." By Jim Jatras, Chronicles, 11/8/18.

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