Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What I’ve Been Waiting For

     CNN’s Jim Acosta is one of the most irritating, biased persons in “journalism.” He constantly tries to monopolize press conferences, routinely mistreats Sarah Huckabee Sanders, strives to bait her into disagreeing with President Trump, and frames left-wing talking points as “questions” with rhetorically predetermined answers. If he’s any part of the reason for CNN’s recent demise in ratings, you’d think his employers would do something about him. That they haven’t opens many questions into their agenda.

     But at least he’s finally been told off by someone in a position to make it sting:

     There’s some consolation in there for having lost the majority in the House of Representatives.


Rick T said...

And his WH Pass has been revoked! Only two+ years overdue.

John Henry Eden said...


I was disappointed. President Trump treated that Fake Reporter with kid gloves. Where's the BOOM?

Jess said...

Acosta is nothing. CNN is the problem.Trump should start removing the press passes of all of the alphabet networks, and any of the other Communist organization calling themselves the "press". When their news becomes second hand, they become second hand, and their ratings drop like turds from a jackass.