Friday, November 16, 2018

An Early New Year's Resolution

I happened to be on Facebook today, in between cooking and stuff. It was a low-key to kill time waiting for the cooking time to be up, without getting too involved.

Today was a good day. I wished an in-law a Happy Anniversary, laughed at some silly cartoons/videos, and for the last 1/2 hour, happened to watch several very good videos in a row.

One of them was featuring Mike Rowe, who captures the Every Man persona better than anyone.

Another was from Prager U - a young woman who explains how she learned more valuable lessons from McDonald's than from her university.

And the last was from Goalcast, and told the story of the life of Jon Hamm, and the actual life struggles he had before success. Check out the Goalcast Channel on Youtube; you could do worse than use that page to start every day.

And, I made a decision. I'll still use Facebook, but I'LL USE Facebook - it won't use me.

I'll Hide the argumentative people and threads. I'll Reject the Ads that pass in front of me.

And, most importantly, when someone says something flat-out DUMB and uninformed, I'll HIDE that post.

Really. Just walk on by, and ignore it.

I have made a choice to stop working to correct/teach/inform dumbasses. It's just a major waste of time.

So, walk on by.


Jess said...

Your post made me think of a Facebook post by a niece that swallowed the Kool-Aid. She just threw out the gauntlet, and her followers interjected their opinions.

One friend/follower tried to argue logically with someone as ignorant as my niece. I read two or three, and realized the only thing I could write would be to tell the one trying to use logic they were wasting their time. I didn't and seriously thought of just unfriending someone that will probably spend their entire life believing that Progressive garbage is good. After all, she's had that her entire life, and her comfort level doesn't allow feasting on knowledge.

Linda Fox said...

It's just beginning to remind me of that old saw about teaching a pig to sing.

I don't mean that I won't throw out my pearls of wisdom. I'm just NOT gonna respond to the ones that start:
- Please give me your sources for that information (Oh, I have ALL the time in the world to chase down sources for stuff EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS!)
- The sources that you cite are propaganda (you mean the ones that use the ORIGINAL SOURCE DOCUMENTS, like police reports, original text for legislation, and official statement?)
- You're wrong - see these Leftist sources - which have NOTHING to do with the post.

I'm old. I'm tired. I have very little patience for 1D10TS (eye-dee-10-Ts).

Cederq said...

Good for you Miss Linda, I too get tired of that asking for your source material, they can look it up as easy as you can and the name calling and sub human level of intelligence on display. If I have questions someone premise I do my own research. I have been known to ask for guidance from whom I question, but never outright ask or demand their source material or evidence. Like old R Reagan, trust but verify...