Saturday, November 3, 2018

Some Obnoxiousnesses For Your Saturday

     I’m in a bit of a mood just now, Gentle Reader – it doesn’t help that we’re enduring a November heat wave that has the C.S.O. clamoring for me to reactivate the air conditioning, or that I can’t get Joy, my 2009 Corvette, under a roof for the winter because it’s been raining so hard, or that some unprecedented blight has turned most of my lawn a weird shade of red – so allow me a little self-indulgence, as I really need to vent.

     This piece will include bad grammar, inelegant phrasing, a few neologisms, news references without hyperlinks, and a modicum of profanity. Proceed at your own risk.

     Among the many bizarretudes of our time is the widespread assertion that the subjects of other nations – if they don’t have the right to acquire weapons, they’re subjects, not citizens – have a right to enter the United States regardless of our immigration laws. But even more bizarre than that is the notion that two illegal aliens can bear a child here, and that child automatically becomes an American citizen! Only one other First World nation labors under that misconception: Canada. Both we and our neighbors to the north are being overrun, them somewhat less so because their land border is with us.

     Our southern land border is with a Third World nation, Mexico. Mexico has a southern land border with another Third World nation, Guatemala and Belize. Guatemala has a land border with two other Third World nations, El Salvador and Honduras. Further to the south we have Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Draw the moral.

     Migrants from the Third World are, by American standards, unskilled, uneducated, and unruly. They don’t assimilate but form exclaves where American law, language, and customs are ignored. Their coming here en masse would not be to our benefit, any more than the current mass of illegal entrants has been. Yet numerous commentators, plus the United Nations, have claimed that the “caravan” the legacy media have been wringing their hands about is composed of “refugees” who have a God-given right to enter the U.S. Leftist lawyers have lodged a lawsuit against the federal government in an attempt to force the caravan’s entry. The UN has even promulgated a “compact” whose signatories pledge, de facto, to accept any migrant who styles himself a refugee...and the U.S. is being berated for refusing to sign it.

     I’m on board with deporting every illegal alien our domestic processes can unearth – but along with that, I want the fifth columnists blathering about the “rights” of these barefaced invaders and lawbreakers strung up for the buzzards. Preferably alive, so I can savor their screams.

     People simply cannot abide differences of opinion any longer. is still down, though I’ve been told to expect that it will return this weekend. So is, and though I don’t know the reason, I’m willing to believe the Left has managed to deplatform it, too. is stagnant, and is too full of itself for me. It appears that the “social media” firecracker has fizzled, owing to the Left’s determination that no one on the Right shall have access to any such outlet.

     The Left’s principal asset is its complete lack of scruple. Its next best weapon is the reluctance of decent people to use its tactics against it. Thus, it can wage defamation campaigns, violent public “protests,” and threats of boycotts against platform owners without worrying that its own institutions might face the same. Meanwhile, the very media demonstrably culpable of fomenting the political hatred we suffer call for “unity” and “civility,” as if their sins weren’t as plain as the print and pixels they wield. Yet the “Fredocons” – thank you, Kurt Schlichter, for that precious coinage – insist that we must behave as if we were above it they continue to denigrate and slander the duly elected (and increasingly popular) president of the United States.

     Fuck that. It’s well past time we started to punch back – and as it’s well overdue, we need to make up for lost time.

     Politicians on the Left have been issuing thinly camouflaged calls for violence and intimidation against conservatives and Republicans for some time. Some are better known for it than others. One in particular has risen to significance, for three reasons:

  1. He’s considered a viable presidential candidate for 2020;
  2. He’s a self-styled Catholic;
  3. He’s a liar, a slanderer, a plagiarist, and an idiot.

     Well, of course I’m taking about Joe Biden! Who else prominent in recent federal politics fits that description?

     Have a video:

     A former Vice President and United States Senator (and perennial shithead) is encouraging violence against his political opponents! Ain’t that something! This fucker deserves to be stoned off any podium he mounts. Everyone in the Right loathes him, and deservedly so. I pity his Secret Service protection detail.

     The U.S. didn’t have a serious public problem with domestic anti-Semites until we started admitting large numbers of Muslim immigrants. The Islamic creed is explicitly anti-Semitic – indeed, it shares quite a lot of tenets with Nazism – and as Muslims multiply in America, their anti-Semitism has encouraged our “domestic” anti-Semites to “come out of the shadows.”

     The Jews are the most persecuted people in the world. Much of it springs from envy – as a demographic, they’re also highly educated and commercially successful despite the bias against them – but another large fraction springs from the libels their sworn enemies have spread about them. Yet the American Jewish community is notably ambivalent about the sanctuary state of Israel, the only place in the world where it’s socially safe to be Jewish. Some things are simply beyond rational explanation.

     The Left strove to have deplatformed under the rationale that it allows neo-Nazis to participate there. Can anyone here remember who the original Nazis had for their chief scapegoat? And looky here: they share that scapegoat with the Muslims! What an incredible surprise...

     As a New Yorker, I’m one of those whom Donald Trump’s tax-reform package will hurt rather than help. It won’t be an unbearable degree of hurt – if it were, I’d be arranging to relocate as I type this – but it will cost me somewhere between $1000 and $2000 in federal taxes. (My accountant is also my wife, and she strongly opposes relocation. Go figure.)

     It is a measure of the venality and duplicity of Governor Andrew Cuomo that he’s made his dislike for the Trump tax-reform bill a re-election campaign issue. This...person, for whom I lack an adequate term of condemnation, believes that other Americans – i.e., Americans in states that don’t attempt to squeeze their residents for every last drop of blood through exorbitant income, sales, and property taxes – have a moral obligation to continue to fund New York’s vampiric taxation with federal offsets.

     Cuomo, like his father, is also rabidly anti-gun. Perhaps he sees that as his protection. It’s hard to say.

     Yet he’s virtually assured of a third term as Governor of New York.

     I think I’ve spread enough bile for one day. Let’s have some good news for tomorrow. Like maybe that SecDef Mattis has ordered artillery and armor to the southern border, or that President Trump has announced the U.S.’s withdrawal from the UN, or that the dollar is returning to redeemability in gold. Okay, God? Pretty please?


Col. B. Bunny said...

I hate to be dense but how do torrential rains prevent you from getting your ride under cover? Is there a torrent of mud and tree stumps flowing across your driveway?

Francis W. Porretto said...

(chuckle) No, Colonel, but it's been raining so hard, and so frequently, that I can't drive Joy into my backyard -- where my barn is -- without doing an unacceptable degree of damage to my lawn. If this keeps up, Joy might be fated to spend the winter on my driveway.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Inquiring minds want to know these things.

By the way, that's Joe "Happy Hands" Biden or Joe "Buff Swimmer" Biden. The feminist loons went crazy over his antics . . . oh, wait. They didn't.


I, and the few other rightward-leaning Jews in my local community, share your bafflement at the lock the Left has on our fellow Tribe members.

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