Sunday, November 10, 2019

Complete, total governmental failure.

The US is at the 11th hour, one hour till midnight, as the wealth inequality imbalance will correct itself by the eruption of protests on the streets of major metro areas, sort of like what's been happening across the world in Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Barcelona.

An uprising, a revolution [will occur and] people are waking up to the fact that unelected officials and governments have ruined the economy and [caused] their financial misery of low wages and insurmountable debts.[1]

The concept of stewardship is utterly foreign to the political, financial, and economic elites. Rome burns and these imbeciles fret over violations of terms of service, inclusivity, nationalism, globalism, reparations, white "privilege," white "oppression," white "supremacy," "climate" change, pronouns, vaporous "threats" to U.S. "national security" from Iran and Syria, Russian "aggression," and the tender feelings of homosexuals, pussyhat-wearing, nutjob feminists, and the sexually-confused, which is putting it mildly.

Elizabeth Warren proposes stupefying new heights of reckless government spending and coercion. Does this former minority placeholder from Harvard Law School not understand the ludicrous spreadsheet-busting numbers of her proposals? Of course not. She knows damn well her proposals would crash the system and be yet another bullet aimed at economic sanity in the U.S. Hence the truth of the "unelected officials and governments have ruined the economy" part of the passage quoted above.

No area of public life is governed by reason and common sense. Not ONE. When the choice is between Option A – ludicrous and irrelevant on its face – and Option B – colorably sane with an air kiss in the direction of the good of the nation – it's Option A, baby. Every . . . freaking . . . time.

Anyone waiting for the people of the West to finally wake up and lift a pinky in protest has not observed Western elections over the last 18 years. That dog don't hunt, notwithstanding recent Chilean riots and the Gilets Jaune and the Tea Party. They are but modest stirrings of awakening and, where the pencil meets the ballot periodically, it's meekness, servility, and licking the boots of the treason class to the moon. As predictable as your next breath.

The more likely scenario is steady as she goes for treason class control and supine voters, followed by system crash and worldwide depression, followed by demands for Universal Bastard Income followed by despair and then chaos and the Big Chimp Out.

With luck, what comes out the other end will not involve governments that even whisper the word "equality" or ever again push the idea of the universal ballot.

[1] "53 Million Americans Drowning In Cycle Of Low-Wage Work." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 11/9/19 (emphasis removed).

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George True said...

Elizabeth Warren. What a piece of work. When she was campaigning for the Senate, her narrative was, "The middle class is getting hammered". Financially, she meant. I found myself screaming at the computer screen. Profanity laced epithets about how her very own collectivist beliefs and policies were the very thing that has been hammering the middle class for decades now.

Even if she actually did care about the middle class, which she does not, she is too stupid to realize that it is her arrogant Communist self and others like her that cause the ass-raping of the common man.