Monday, November 18, 2019

Quickies: The Ultimate, Finally-The-Last Word On Colin Kaepernick And The NFL

     Paul Mirengoff of Power Line provides it:

     During a recess late in a trial where the plaintiff alleged he had been fired due to his race and/or his age, a federal district court judge said to his law clerk:
     Sure, this guy was discriminated against. But he wasn’t discriminated against because he’s black and he wasn’t discriminated against because he’s over 40. He was discriminated because he’s an a**hole.

     Please read the rest.

     The C.S.O. and I stopped watching NFL football when the “anthem kneeling” protests erupted. We were unwilling to abuse our eyes with the spectacle of millionaire prima-donna athletes whining or pantomiming about “racial discrimination” in a league that’s now over 50% black. The Kaepernick foofaurauw was minor by comparison – but the NFL’s willingness to grant him a tryout, with representatives from 25 of its 32 teams in attendance, has confirmed the wisdom of our decision. That Kaepernick pissed all over it was merely a toxic icing for an already inedible cake.

     If there are any actual, self-respecting men remaining in the NFL, I must ask them, both honestly and candidly: Why are you still there? Don’t you realize what your associations are doing to your reputation? Are you really unaware that we are judged, far more often than not, by the company we keep – and that this applies to star athletes quite as much as to anyone else?

     Should this sort of lunacy ever overcome baseball and ice hockey, I’ll give up on organized sports completely.

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Andy Texan said...

I gave it up cold turkey 10 years ago despite previously being a life long fan of Boston professional sports teams, the most successful city teams in the last 50 years. Sports are the real opiate of the masses and one of the reasons for the downfall of the American society. Passion for spectator sports seems to have trumped common sense and civic duty. Pox on the rich b*stards.