Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Watergate Deux

I remember the original Watergate hearings. I was working as a waitress/bartender, and attending college. LOTS of free time, particularly in the afternoons.

I admit it.

I was a Watergate Junkie. I OD'd on the hearings for many months.

Fortunately, life got busier, and I eventually maintained on evening news recaps.

Not this crap. Fortunately, with the wonders of the Internet, we can get the highlights (the REAL highlights, not that "we're the Official Media and we'll tell YOU what's important") every day on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media.

And the blogs - definitely the blogs, with some analysis and commentary.

Some of those highlights:
2:12 P.M. — KENT: “You can’t promote anticorruption action without pissing off corrupt people.”
 Gotta love a man who has no problem saying it straight out. Why, yes, Kent, Trump HAS pissed off some corrupt people.

Oh, that's not what you meant?

Another interaction, this time with Taylor. This should be put on 24/7.

I can see why Rep. Taylor was put in charge of questioning - he is pointed, clear, and effective.

Some jousting about the Rules of Evidence. Rep. Mark Meadows uses his Twitter account to bypass the biased media.

Oh, honey! Based on just ONE day's hearing - a small portion of it - this is NOT your Grandfather's Impeachment Hearing! Social Media is gonna HANG the coup plotters, AND their allies in Congress.

Scalise's Summary.

I think Trump is right - skip the hearings. At the end of the day, watch/read the highlights that manage to NOT make the evening news.

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I am very much convinced these hearings will change nothing.

Those who support Trump will consider these (rightly) as a sham. Those who want Trump gone will point to the snippets that they think support impeachment.

Maybe a few minds will change, but I doubt it.

It's going to come down to the .223 solution. I see - and I weep as I think this - no other way.