Sunday, November 17, 2019

How Fake News is Created

With the eager assistance of Leftists in the Tech Community, taking advantage of tools created to capture information and archive it.

I'd urge you to read the article at the link. It highlights ways that the Leftists not only target Trump and Conservatives; it also show their spiteful side, 'outing' celebrities they think are gay, using language that would normally land them in court for defamation, and continuing lost battles, such as the Kavanaugh fight, in the same way that your ex will spread gossip to everyone in her vicinity, years after the divorce.

There is no reason to smear the First Lady. It's just mean-spirited abuse of a woman who is better-looking than 95% of us. It's a new low in hate.

In other 'news', the Flaky Jeff Flake, famous RINO from AZ, hasn't changed a bit. More evidence that the only good RINO is a dead RINO.

Hey, Jeff! Still waiting for your response to the 2008 removal from State of all the GW Bush ambassadors. Because, you know, should have triggered Impeachment proceedings.

From the Breitbart coverage of the hearings:

10:16 A.M. — Yovanovitch states that when she was told Giuliani was going to “do things, including to me,” that “in hindsight that meant removing me.” 10:14 A.M. — Yovanovitch says she felt threatened by President Trump’s remark to Zelensky that “she’s going to go through some things”“It kind of felt like vague threat,” she adds. She says her colleague told her that the “color drained from my face.”

Eric Swallwell is one of the most over-the-top, histrionic, dishonest politicians I've ever seen.

And, I lived through the Clinton and Obama years.



Sweetie, when a New Yorker threatens to have you 'swim with the fishes', there is no question about it. Unlike your overblown claim.

Finally, as a check on Eric Swalwell's integrity and fairness (LOL! I laugh!), consider this attempt to taint the Impeachment "Inquiry" results by referring to closed door testimony - a practice that, I believe, is called "leaking".

Isn't that the illegal practice of Tainting the Jury Pool? Lawyers, is my understanding correct?

This David Holmes - who appears to be a hanger-on in the State Dept. - may have SOME knowledge of the phone call between the President and Sondland. This occurred, according to Holmes, when a phone call initiated by Sondland was partly overheard by his nearby staff.

Keep in mind that the President was apparently being sandbagged by Sondland, who made the call in the presence of his staff, and permitted them to hear parts of the President's conversation, even holding his phone away from his ear to allow them to eavesdrop. The call wasn't on speakerphone, but also was not conducted in a way that the President would know about the presence of these 'sort of' witnesses.

Gee, it ALMOST sounds as though Trump's concerns that the State Dept. was trying to sabotage him. Hmmm. Must be evidence of Trump's paranoia, 'cause we all know that these career public servants represent the policies of the Unites States, no matter who is President (you know, that person that actually SETS the foreign policy).

Kudos to CNN, which, at least, put the copy of the paper showing Holme's opening statement on record. I'm still reviewing the information; that it was apparently a photo/scan of the document is slowing me down in the process. I want to go through it again, slowly, and put it into context with public statements. The statements is hedged with copious "apparently", "seemingly", and 2nd hand conversations, so the accuracy of it is likely to be questionable, as is his closed-door testimony.

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