Saturday, November 2, 2019

Globalism and centralization: blasted nations, blasted lives.

The tip top theme in red-hot political and economic thinking now is that the social contract involves ever more benefits, more good times, and more four-week vacations in Ibiza for the voter. Benevolent bureaucrats and politicians vigilantly safeguard workers’ interests and spring into action when they are threatened. As, for example, when some wretched toad of an accountant or economist suggests that the numbers are not looking good for avoiding an eventual collapse.

If some suicidal politician dares to suggest a timorous scaling back of the cost of the party then the cry of “austerity” is heard in the land.

A corollary of this Infinite Cornucopia view of government, in the minds of elite swine thinkers, at least, is that the higher you go up the ladder of centralized political decision making, the better it is for everyone. Benevolence and simple competence below, much more on high.


Have we ever heard before the suggestion that the EU is bad for workers’ rights? No. The shared and unexamined assumption – even by the ERG[1] – is that the EU is a necessary protective force against capitalist exploitation. Whereas the truth is that it is Tony Blair-style ‘globalism’ that has devastated workers’ pay, conditions and job security just as has the EU version of non-democratic capitalism.[2]
Federal or supra-national solutions have besotted the Lovely People of the United States for as long as socialism and progressivism have been around. The idea seems to be that solutions are easy to devise if only their implementation would not be obstructed by malicious, local obstructionists who eat mashed potatoes with their fingers. But the favored solutions have not worked well and that much heralded benevolence of the Lovely People pretty much goes walkabout after the ink dries on the signatures. And the politicians are yet more unreachable by mere mortals who don’t own gambling casinos or media empires.

The net result of all this is all Western nations that have lost control over their political and economic destinies, seen their economies devastated while financial elites play mysterious games to garner fabulous wealth, had their culture destroyed, and had their streets turned into playgrounds for AnitFa and other criminal gangs by the sick worship of the human ego, the foreigner, minorities, and a type of woman who gives new meaning to the word “stupid.”

The unreachable Lovely People proved to be the destroyers of worlds.

[1]  "“What is the ERG and which Tory MPs are members of Jacob Rees-Mogg's Brexit group?" By Chloe Chaplain, iNews, Updated 9/6/19.
[2] "The EU has destroyed workers’ rights, not protected them." By Timothy Bradshaw, The Conservative Woman, 10/29/19.

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