Monday, November 18, 2019

Persuading the Black Community to Vote Their Values

There's a lot of crap said and written about Black people/families. Too many Whites treat the non-White communities as a Lost Cause, filled with sub-normal inhabitants.

They are individuals, and many have similar values to those of any American.

  • They value their children
  • They want their kids to do well in school
  • They want their kids to be capable of getting, and holding, a decently-paying job
  • They want their kids to have successful lives
  • They don't want their kids' immature decisions to ruin their lives
  • They live their Christian values - not focusing on the sin, as much as helping the sinner to be redeemed
To that end, they often vote for those politicians who promise to help them attain their goals.

And, according to these two Black women, that's their first mistake. They point out that the GOP should be 'in the hood', working to help voters see that the party and the voters share many values.

Yeah, VALUES, not "what can you do for me" - bribery, by any measure.

For too long, the Republican Party has been trying to win over voters by telling them what material things they can receive, in return for their vote.

They do it with the corporations. They do it with the local businesses. They do it with military servicemen. They do it with special interests.

Trump does it - he hammers down on how the economy has improved (which, it has, generally - that DOESN'T go into what the failure to handle the deficit means for the future). The rebound to a more normal economy, without the artificial limitations the Obama administration put on it, has returned my retirement account to normal levels. For that, I'm grateful.

But, the essential thing for the Republican Party to talk about, from now through the next election and beyond, is VALUES.

Guys, I know the party's limitations, but - we have no other viable choice, at this time. We need to plan a takeover of the core leadership, and oust the RINOs - permanently. We need to make the kind of takeover that the Leftist wing of the Democrats did with their party.

It's not about 2020 - although, if we lose that one, the Dems will use every illicit means they have to ensure they never lose again - IF they continue to allow elections (I think they will, in some form, as it lends a veneer of legitimacy to their coup).

Let's be honest, the plan to disarm the American population is in progress. The money they pushed into local and regional police/sheriff departments has corrupted them - probably beyond repair. The local gendarmes are armed to the teeth, and will use that weaponry, if they fear loss of power.

So, yeah, 2020 is a must-win.

But, it's only a holding action if we don't act to loosen the stranglehold the Left has put on our ability to offer opposition to their plan to take over everything.

ONE major action that would starve the Left is to reduce the size of government. Don't try to fire the Deep State, but identify the Core Functions of each Department/Agency, and reduce the money available.

Do this publicly - list the Core Functions, along with the money that WAS available, and what will be available in the future. Don't be chintzy - provide at least as much as was available before, and preferably a smidge more. All other parts of government will bring in the guys to shut things down, FIRST removing access to computers, and insisting on a physical inventory of everything electronic.

Offload ALL government documents in a dated doc-dump. Use to compare available files after the RIF. Prosecute all who have permitted documents to be destroyed, whether on government servers, "missing" laptops, or "lost or destroyed" cell phones.

BTW, bill all employees who've been negligent in their securing government-provided equipment for that "loss".

Offer immunity from jail time ONLY (you're still gonna insist on an admission of guilt) for those pleading to a FELONY, voluntarily giving up their pension (any contributions will be returned, with interest), and agreeing to refrain from employment in ANY level of government - for life.

The agreement will be sealed, as long as the employee abides by all provisions. No need to destroy their ability to earn a living, but put teeth in that agreement.

Cut down the leadership of the employees unions by putting their leadership in the crosshairs for misuse of union funds (I'd be willing to BET my own pension that MOST of them are guilty of this), violations of the Hatch Act, accepting bribes to sell their people out (again, a REAL likelihood - which I've seen in my own years as a reluctant union member), and any other prosecution that will tie them up in litigation for an extended period of time. The idea is to gut the union, and keep them from using their power to fight back.

Dirty pool?

Yeah. I'm a big believer in NOT following the Marquis of Queensbury rules with thugs.

DoD? Reduction of rank, for at lest 1/2 the brass. If they wanna stay at a lower wage, great. Otherwise, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

The paper-pushers and auxiliary staff?

Assign them to guard the border. We don't need combat troops, we need bodies - witnesses to the slow-mo invasion. Some of those troops may find their eyes opened to the reality of the situation when they see it happen, without the filter of the media.

Some of them will rebel. Administratively deal with that, and begin using this as a way of identifying those who need to be separated from service.

Don't allow the newbs to form separate units - disperse them within existing ICE personnel. Hopefully, those who have some value to justify their keep will have an opportunity to prove it. Those who are an SJW waste of space will also 'out' themselves.


Fredd said...

Linda: I could support all of the above, very conservative stuff. Of course, enacting all of this will require a Herculean effort, as those in the wagon will fight back tooth and nail against those pulling the wagon.

Riding in that wagon is considered a right by these sponges. A right not given up without a vicious bloody fight.

Linda Fox said...

That's why I favor outsourcing, rather than firing - the unions can push back, but, without the support of the courts, lotsa luck with that.

Also, quietly pressuring those guilty of actual crimes to confess, quit AND give up their pension rights, and plead to a FELONY (can't vote, and makes them ineligible for re-hire), is the other fallback.

The bigger boost is starvation of the departments/agencies. Cut them at least 10%; make continued existence at that level contingent on cutting payroll and re-organizing to eliminate the SJ functions that harbor the SJWs.