Sunday, November 3, 2019

I'm Tired - REALLY Tired - of Politicization of EVERYTHING

And, I'm not the only one. One of the most annoying things about the TDS thing is that the opposition is so energetic! Always eager to start a fight! Able to tag-team, using younger people than I.

This meme applies.

I've been working on my Leftism 4 Beginners book - I'm nearing the 1/2 way point, which is nice.

I've been working on my OTHER job - health insurance - despite having been knocked down with a horrible respiratory illness, complicated by an asthma attack - first one in a long time.

I mean, it's hard to sell health care when you're coughing your guts out.

And, I've been working on clearing up assorted messes - physical and paperwork - that I've let slide too long.

So, I'd LIKE to head to be early. But, I have to drive to the airport in a few hours to pick up a husband. He's been at a funeral, so he'll be worn out, too.

Just wanted to complain and get it off my chest. I don't want to whine when I see him.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Manu said...

I'm tired too. But I don't figure it's going to get any better.