Monday, November 18, 2019

Old Jane vs. New Jane

Fonda, that is.

I've been hearing about her "amazing" looks for a long time. Her recent appearances on the red carpet seemed to support the idea that she sold her soul to the Devil, long ago, for an ageless face.

Alas, a candid photo of her, at the Washington climate protests, puts the lie to that appearance.

Yeah, she's aging just like the rest of us. That apparent youthfulness was Smoke & Mirrors. Appearing in normal sunlight puts the lie to the illusion.


Fredd said...

Jane Fonda is 81. For 81, she looks good, but no longer can pass for 40. I remember some of the photos of Mae West towards the end, age 87: the amount of Spackle and pancake on her face probably weighed 10 pounds, she had to apply it with a trowel. I am not sure Jane will go down that road, but all these Hollywood divas try like hell to look like their publicity photos when they were on top of the A-lists well past when they should just give up.

It's always sad...

joetote said...

Sad as I have refused to watch anything with Hanoi Jane since she sat at that gun. none the less, I will admit, being the dirty old man I am, to missing watching Barbarella once in a while. The woman was hot once.

Fredd said...

I've got news for you, Joe Toth: we were ALL hot when we were in our 20's.

Manu said...

Ah, Hanoi Jane. Still signalling virtue.

I recall reading a book which had an admittedly squee-worthy moment when somebody in the book dropped a nuke on a building she was broadcasting from.

A man can dream. Sigh.

Linda Fox said...

Her earlier movies were decent. Cat Ballou - although Lee Marvin stole the movie.