Sunday, November 3, 2019

One Year to the Battle - Are You Ready?

In one year, the 2020 election will be held.

It won't be sufficient to just vote.

You won't have done enough if you work for a candidate, or put signs up on your lawns.

You will not have contributed enough if you donate.

This is going to be nasty. This is going to depend, not on who votes, or for who they vote.

It's going to be about Counting the Votes.

I urge all people reading this:

  • Help register people to vote.
  • Talk to people - nicely, finding out what THEIR concerns are. Help them to understand how voting AGAINST Dems is in THEIR best interest.
  • Help out at the GOTV campaigns.
  • Volunteer to be a poll watcher.
  • Sign up with the County Board of Elections for training on working the polls. One of my daughters did it for a while, and she was amazed just how often the procedures were ignored or misinterpreted by other poll workers. They are temp workers, and not professionals, so be kind to them if they err. And, consider joining them. Intelligent and professional people are desperately needed.
  • And, mostly, keep yourself informed about how your county and state can have the fairest outcome of all - an Honest Vote.

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