Monday, November 4, 2019

Quickies: “You Must Fight”

     Sometimes another commentator says it so well that all I can do is point and clap:

     Last week in a dinner speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., Princeton professor Robert George had some advice for social and religious conservatives: “You must fight.”

     It was an exhortation that does him no good in the academic world. A distinguished Ivy League scholar and teacher isn’t supposed to talk about the “culture war.” George has strong connections with the established conservative world, too, which balks at the confrontational style. In my year at the James Madison Program at Princeton, which George directs, visitors included George Will, Steve Forbes, and Andrew Napolitano. But the other night was a firm declaration of resistance.

     Please read it all. The article emphasizes the attack on traditional American Christian beliefs, practices, and norms, but its call to arms generalizes without distortion to every other front in the ongoing social, cultural, economic, and political contests between Left and Right. We have entered an era of open warfare, and we must be prepared to wage it with our full power.

     Attorney General William Barr is in accord:

     “I think we all recognize that over the past 50 years religion has been under increasing attack,” he said. Traditional believers have felt the “force, fervor, and comprehensiveness of the assault” again and again. Barr called it “organized destruction,” a deliberate campaign to destroy the religious foundations of American society.

     What progressives have rosily characterized as a noble movement for equality and freedom is no such thing, Barr argued. It is a coordinated effort of academia, popular culture, mass communication, and the entertainment industry to remove faith and the faithful from the public square, forever.

     It has become all too terribly clear that the expulsion of Christianity and its sociocultural forms from American life is at the top of the Left’s agenda. There is only one rational response: the Church Militant must live up to its name. More waffling would guarantee our destruction.

     Pass this one around, Gentle Readers.

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McChuck said...

It is time to renew the Inquisition and institute a new Crusade.
These are not metaphors.