Monday, November 18, 2019

For Indie Writers: A New LitFire

     I just received a call from an outfit that styles itself Your Online Publicist. The caller spoke haltingly, and with a heavy accent, though I couldn’t place the origin. The characteristic buzz of a call center was audible in the background. She expressed interest in “promoting your book The Sledgehammer Concerto internationally.” As that’s one of my older novels, and has never been particularly popular, my danger flag was all the way up the pole. I quickly typed the firm’s name into Google, and the result confirmed that I’d been targeted for a scam.

     “Your Online Publicist” is based in Miami, Florida. Its phone number is (786) 915-8878. You might want to record the name, locale, and number for your own protection. If you receive a call from that number and locale, regardless of the name the caller gives, be aware that it’s a scam outfit that seeks to milk you, the writer. It will not aid you in promoting your books. A quick look at its website should provide all the evidence you need.

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